06/04/2007 11:47 AM ET
Ask the Booth: Should Delgado bunt?
SNY's Keith Hernandez dips into the e-mailbox
Carlos Delgado, who has eight homeruns and 34 RBIs this season, has never had a sacrifice bunt in his 14-year career. (AP)

Q: When an opposing team shifts all of its infielders to one side of the diamond when Carlos Delgado bats, why does he not attempt to bunt for a hit down the third base line to keep the defense honest? Is there some unwritten baseball rule in this case?
-Marty, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

A: Delgado does go to left field with two strikes and in certain situations late in the game where a base hit hurts the other club. Are you sure you want Delgado to bunt?

Q: If you were playing today, what music would you like to be played if you approached the batter's box?
-Manny, North Bergen, N.J.

A: I don't know what song I would like if I were playing today. When I played with St. Louis my song was Jethro Tull's, "Thick As A Brick" which Ernie Hayes (the Cardinals' organist and friend, butchered to death!). He even asked me after two weeks to change my song. I told him to go back to his organ and practice.

Q: Is David Wright allowed to wear orange under his jersey?
-Alva, Berkeley, California

A: You can wear any compatible team colors under your jersey. You can also wear neutral colors like grey, white or black. But who would want to wear black in the middle of the summer? Doesn't black attract the sun's rays? Correct me if I am wrong.

Q: Who decides what you'll be wearing on any given night? Last night you had on the lovely SNY shirts and tonight the sexy black ones. I have the feeling that Ron is the Beltran of the group. Am I correct?
-Pat, Lynbrook, N.Y.

A: What would make you think that Ron Darling decides on what color golf shirt we wear on any given night? Are you saying that Gary and I haven't any taste?! I couldn't care less what color we wear (Columbia U. Blue, Black or White). We mix them up. Usually Gary texts us for approval on the flavor of the day or night.

Q: Why is the term "rubber game" used to describe the deciding game in a series?
-Geovanny, New York, N.Y.

A: That is a very good question. Isn't the word "rubber" a term used in the card game of bridge? I never gave it much thought. I betcha Gary Cohen knows. Why don't you ask him next week?

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