2008 NBA Pre Draft Camp

Marc Berman of the NY Post gives a blog update from the NBA's pre-draft camp in Orlando. Among the topics he discusses his Michael Jordan's take on the Knicks, the future of the Knicks coaching staff, and the first signs of a relaxed MSG media policy. There is also some words from old friend Larry Brown, now the coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. You could also read his entire column about MJ and the Knicks here.

Its nice to see MJ saying nice things about Mike D'Antoni and Donnie Walsh, but wasn't it Jeff Van Gundy that called him a "con man" that smiled in your face while he ripped your heart out? As far as the media policy, this is the first I have heard of things being better with respect to accessibility. Its a positive sign because I think part of the turnaround is the team embracing their stakeholders. Improved access will help all of us better understand whats going on and leave less for interpretation. In my opinion, speculation leads to trouble in this city. Then you get the kind of atmosphere you have had at MSG for nearly ten years. I am also glad to see Larry Brown doing well. Although I think he did a bad job with the team two years ago, he was in an impossible situation. I am sure he will wind up on his feet.

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