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18 game Schedule Must Come With Certain Concessions

The NFL is a business, as we all know, and if they weren't looking towards the future, they'd be considered a poorly managed one.

This week's buzz of moving to an 18-game schedule has the talking heads chattering away, with many of them adamantly against it.

The idea makes sense because four preseason games are no longer required.? Something needs to be done, and this proposal is the closest thing to the right thing to do...

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Few Surprises And Only Four Games in Prime Time

The NFL schedules were released yesterday and the New York Giants will have the 7th most difficult schedule according to the league's rankings.

For some reason, many fans and media types are up in arms, believing that the 8-8 Giants got a bad draw because their 2010 opponents had a combined 2009 record of 135-121.

But we already knew that.? The Giants' opponents were announced long ago.? All that happened yesterday was that the league firmed up the dates, times and locations of those games.

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American television is vast wasteland. Even though there are literally thousands of channels of programming to choose from, there are times when the redundancy just leads one to shut off the set.

Television itself has "jumped the shark" so to speak. That is why the internet has become the new source of information and entertainment in many households.

When it comes to NFL Football, television had been falling down in its coverage. Then came the NFL Network. Their arrival forced the hand of every major player to increase and improve their coverage of the league.

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