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  1. Damontre Moore DE TA&M - Moore is still a bit under sized for a 4-3 end spot but his speed and motor are what make him exceptional. This past season was his first at DE and he led the team in tackles with 85. Like Von Miller before him, Moore is an exceptional pass rusher that shows a variety of moves to confuse offensive tackles. If he adds 15-20 lbs of muscle to his frame over the next few seasons he can be a perennial all-pro at end. His ability to stay healthy for an entire season is his only question mark.
  2. Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU - Ansah's comparisons to Giants' All-Pro Jason Pierre-Paul are warranted. A hyper-athletic end that shows the ability to dominate in one-on-one drills, but the production on the field never equaled that talent. He is the most raw player in this draft class but his upside is as good as current NFL D-ends Pierre-Paul and Chandler Jones. He must get into the right system and be allowed to learn the intricacies of the NFL before he can truly be judged.
  3. Bjoern Werner DE FSU - Werner seems a lot like Chris Long in my opinion. HE exhibits the strength many people would expect from an end his size but his athleticism allows him to be a? 4-3 defensive end, as opposed to the bigger J.J. Watt/Justin Smith type of ends. Werner was the heart of the Florida State defense and is an immediate boost to the attitude of any defense.
  4. Barkevious Mingo DE LSU- Mingo has been touted as an elite level prospect since his first spring game at LSU. An athlete that could play both end spots and stand up as a pass rusher when needed. Mingo was very productive during his career at LSU but this past season teams really isolated him as the weak link in the running game. His inability to split tackle/tight end double teams during the Bama game put LSU's defense at a disadvantage. Mingo must show that he has the strength to play at the next level and that he is worth a top 10 draft pick.
  5. Dion Jordan DE ORE - Jordan's raw athleticism puts him at #5 on this list. His ability to play both DE and OLB at any time makes him a commodity in today's NFL. He needs to add a lot of weight if he hopes to be an every down player and he boast a number of health concerns entering this weekends combine. If everything checks out in Jordan's favor this could be one of the fastest rising prospects in the draft.

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  1. Chance Warmack OG ALA - Warmack is the best offensive line prospect to come out in at least 3 years. I've given him the highest interior linemen grade in a decade; ahead of both Pounceys, Nick Mangold and Mike Iupati. Warmack was the best offensive lineman in the nation and dominated every defensive tackle that lined up against him. His ability to get to the second level was prominently shown in the National Championship game and his mobility pulling around the edge is tailor fit for the shotgun running schemes in today's league.
  2. Luke Joeckel OT TA&M - Joeckel is the number one Offensive Tackle in this class and I believe that he has all of the tools to be an elite tackle. Experts waiver on his ceiling but the consensus is that he doesn't have bust potential. I personally saw Joeckel play as a senior in high school and I wondered then what this grown man was doing on the field. His arm length and motor make him a prototypical left tackle, but his undervalued strength and flexibility makes him an above average run blocker.
  3. Eric Fisher OT UCM - Fisher's talent shined bright at the Senior Bowl and his overall athleticism wowed scouts. Fisher entered Central Michigan as a tight end, which explains his nimble feet. Fisher needs to show the ability to play game in and game out against the highest level of competition. He has the ability to be just as good as Joeckel if he adds more lean weight to his frame and improves his core strength.
  4. Lane Johnson OT OKLA - Johnson has shot up draft boards since the end of the NCAA season. Johnson showed the ability to be a strong right tackle at the college level and looks to play the same position in the NFL. I've seen him mocked as high as 10, which is too high for an athlete that may have already peaked, but he is a solid pick late in the 1st round for an established team with only a few holes to fill on it's roster.
  5. Barrett Jones OC ALA - Barrett Jones would be a 3rd round pick as an offensive tackle and a 2nd rounder as a guard, but his intellect and run blocking skills make him a late 1st round caliber center. Jones would be the perfect fit for a team with a young/dynamic QB that will grow with him over the next 15 years in the NFL.
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  1. Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tenn - Patterson was the best kept secret entering the 2012 NCAA season. There were whispers about a Junior College kid that could add a different dynamic to an already talented receiver corps. Little did everyone know Patterson would become the star of that group and show the ability to take over games. Patterson scored through the air, on the ground, and it the return game this season for the Vols. He was often the fastest player on the field, and that says a lot in the SEC. At 6'3" 200 lbs he could run a sub 4.4 at the combine.
  2. Keenan Allen WR Cal - Allen is the #1 receiver on many big boards and his size/strength combo is hard to match. Allen is a decent route runner and has shwon that he can make the tough catches over the middle. He is number two on this list but he is the most NFL ready wide out and will start from day one for a team.
  3. DeAndre Hopkins WR Clem - Hopkins in game speed is mind boggling. He will probably run somewhere in the 4.37 range at the combine but that hardly reflects how fast he is in pads. He makes defenders seem as though they are standing still when he runs routes. His dependable hands and crisp cuts make him tailored to the NFL game.
  4. Da'Rick Rogers WR Tenn Tech - Rogers has first round talent, but has 7th round character. Countless disciplinary problems at Tennessee led to his dismissal and the maturity still isn't there. With that said the kid can ball and that is what ultimately matters in the NFL.? Rogers' hands are comparable to Hakeem Nicks, he rarely drops passes. He will make a team extremely happy in the 2nd round.
  5. Terrance Williams WR Baylor - Williams isn't the fastest player in this draft class but he showed last season that he is a top tier receiver. His production increased after RGIII went pro and he dominated games last season. His 300+ yard game against West Virginia showcased his sleek route running and understanding of zone concepts.

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  1. Geno Smith QB WVU - Geno Smith had an amazing start to his 2012 season but West Virginia's defense collapsed mid-way through and so did his statistics. Geno began forcing passes and took on the weight of the program on his back, which led to his steep decline in the second half. With all of that said Geno still through for 4,200 yard 42 touchdowns, and six interceptions. He is the most polished pocket passer in this draft and his accuracy should allow him to make an immediate impact in the NFL.
  2. Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas - Wilson has had some concussion problems while at Arkansas but he is every bit as talented as his predecessor Ryan Mallot. Mallot had a laundry list of off the field concerns, Wilson does not. Wilson showed that he was a fiery leader and if it wasn't for Petrino's departure he would have been a top the Heisman list.
  3. Tyler Bray QB Tennessee - Tyler Bray is my choice as the best Quarterback in this draft. He has never lacked confidence and his gunslinger mentality at Tennessee always made their offense a feared commodity. At 6'6" 210 lbs Bray has prototypical size and arm strength. He just needs to learn how to play within a system and not play "hero ball" at the next level. Bray would have been a top 10 pick in the 2014 draft, so a team gets a steal in the 2nd or 3rd round of this years draft.
  4. Mike Glennon QB NC State - Glennon could never live up to his Prep hype, but his height/arm combo still makes him an intriguing prospect for NFL execs. NC State coaches were willing to let Russell Wilson walk because of the belief they had in Glennon and if an NFL team can cultivate that talent he can be a face of a franchise.
  5. Matt Barkley QB USC - Barkley would have been #1 on this list in September but the more the season went along the more it seemed that he was a product of his receivers. Barkley obviously wont be the 5th QB drafted in April but from a talent perspective he barely sneaks into our top 5. He has limitations in regards to his arm strength and size; two things which can't be developed. Everyone quickly points towards Drew Brees when these are mentioned as negatives, but the fact of the matter is that there is only one Drew Brees. Listed at 6'2" Matt Barkley looks closer to 6'00" and doesn't anticipate on nearly the same level.
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