Alain Vigneault

Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers win over the Flyers (NYR & NYR):

  • On the Gudas hit? ?It was borderline. He?s a tough defenseman, he?s got to finish his checks. I thought we responded fairly well and at the end of the day, we got a power play off it.?
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    Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers win over the Devils (NYR, Rangers Report):

    • On who impressed, "I like Diaz on the PP, I thought Stalberg had another good game for us. Not a lot going on at 5 on 5 for almost 50 minutes, it picked up a little with 10 minutes to go. Stepan's line had good time in their end. It's exhibition now, everyone is trying to find their timing and rhythm and the younger players are trying to impress."
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      Alain Vigneault met with the media today after the Rangers practice and said (NYR):

      • On Rick Nash, "he has always been a great player, before I had him he was a 40 goal scorer. I think the last 11 years it's 20 goals or more. He has been a great player for a long time. With us, there is the obvious. As you get older you need to put in more time to keep your skill set sharp. Steve Yzerman, I know that when he went to the Olympic games had a conversation with him about that, about how when he turned 30 he had to do a little bit more and I think that is what we are seeing from Rick. He is doing a lot of work on the ice, a lot of work off the ice to keep his skill set and form sharp and it paid off for us last year as the season went on and I see the same mindset and attitude right now moving forward. I am hoping, I think that he can continue to progress as a player, he is a great two-way player and I hope that it continues."
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        Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers shootout loss to the Bruins (NYR):

        • On Mats Zuccarello, "it was obviously great to see, not just from the standpoint of him being healthy but being healthy and playing the way he did. I am sure he was very pleased and his teammates were also pleased. Very good first game for him, very good first game for our goalie tonight. It's training camp and everyone is trying to put it together."
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          Alain Vigneault met with the media earlier today prior to the Rangers game against Boston (NYR) :

          • On Zuccarello tonight, "I just want him to go out tonight and have fun. I have him with Brass and Rick and he should feel comfortable with those two. Keep your shifts short and high percentage. First game in a while, first game after...everyone knows how series the injury was. Keep it simple, have fun and I think he will be real excited to be back with his teammates with a jersey on."
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            Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers loss to the Flyers (NYR):

            • How did it look from up top, "a different look and it permits you to get a pretty good feel. Back to back games we put quite a few players in that situation. We didn't come out with a win but for us, to get the right evaluation of certain players and making sure that our veteran players come season will be ready. This was a good night for that."
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              Alain Vigneault met with the media following last night's Rangers win (Quotes via the Rangers & MSG):

              On the Preseason??Exhibition for coaches and management, it?s more about player evaluation and trying to put our style of play on the ice. I thought that Jayson's line had a real strong game. Brady Skjei, for his first NHL game, you could see him feeling more comfortable as the game went on. I liked his skill, skating and gap. Exhibition, the veteran guys are trying to get their rhythm, get their timing, and the other guys are trying to impress us and show us they belong here.?

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              Alain Vigneault met with the media yesterday for the first time since the end of last season (MSG):

              • On the offseason moves, "Well, Glen staying on as President and Jeff becoming GM, I am very happy with the vote of confidence for Jeff. This will be my third year with him and we definitely have a strong rapport and with Glen being around, for us, ever since I have been here it's been teamwork, every bodies input and then coming to a consensus to make the right decision for the organization and I see the same thing here moving forward. As far as the changes that happened in the summer, I would say that it's today's NHL. In the salary cap world teams have to make decisions not just based on talent but also on money and what is available. I think that our group is a lot like we were at the beginning of last year. There are some spots available, ice time, roles available, we are hoping that some guys will come in and contribute more than they have in the past and if you look at the youth that we have with this group, rightfully so, we should expect more from certain guys. It's normal to expect more from Kreids, it's normal to expect more from Hayes, Brass, Step, etc, I believe that training camp is going to unfold and players will make those decisions for us."
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                Ryan McDonagh said that the biggest change that the Rangers have undergone since Alain Vigneault took over as head coach is that the team uses everybody and often doesn't shorten the bench. (NY Post)

                McDonagh said that the coaching staff uses everyone and allows all the players to have a chance to contribute on the ice. (NY Post)

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                Bob Hartley has won the 2015 Jack Adams Award.

                Rangers coach Alain Vigneault was nominated for the award.

                Vigneault finished second in the voting with 14 first place votes, 13 second place votes and 12 third place votes.

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                Pierre LeBrun says that there is no guarantee that Mike Babcock will return to coach Team Canada in the 2016 World Cup and that Alain Vigneault's name will be in the mix. (LeBrun)

                LeBrun notes Joel Quenneville, among others, would be considered to replace Babcock who has won two straight Gold Medals for Canada. (LeBrun)

                Vigneault's history with Hockey Canada is as an assistant coach in 1989 and 1991 for the World Junior team.

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                Alain Vigneault said that he is happy with the eight-year contract worth $6.25 million per year that Mike Babcock received from Toronto because "the average wage had to increase." (985 Sports)

                Vigneault has three years left on his contract worth 2.2 million. (Globe and Mail)

                Todd McLellan is making $3 million with the Oilers, Joel Quenneville is at $2.85 million, Claude Julien is at $2.5 million, Darryl Sutter is at $2.25 million, Vigneault and Michel Therrien are at $2.2 million, Lindy Ruff and Peter Laviolette are at $2 million and Dave Tippett is at $1.95 million.(Globe and Mail)

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                Alain Vigneault was asked about the core of the Rangers on breakup day and said he believes in this group.

                He said that the organization still needs to tweak certain things personnel wise but "if we continue to do that then I have a good belief that we have a group of young players at the right age and have the right experience."

                He said that this group is "getting close to the jump and almost getting ready to go fully over."

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                Alain Vigneault was on The Mike Francesa Show on WFAN earlier this week and said:

                • How does it feel after a couple of days, "this is going to take some time. When you are one period away from getting another opportunity to challenge for the Stanley Cup. It's going to take some time. My daughter, I couldn't console her after the game, crying for two straight hours. You get so emotionally involved, yourself, your family members, your team you can't just from one day to the next turn the switch to something else. We will get through it but it will take a bit of time."
                • Did you think this team was going to be the team, "Every year going into the playoffs I always say the same thing. The 16 teams going in all have a legit chance to win the Stanley Cup. So little separating teams now that it's very competitive and hard fought. This year was different from last year. We lost some leadership in Richards and Pouliot and Carcillo, Dorsett, Anton Stralman. We replace those guys with some good young players, players who at the beginning of the season we were hoping would be able to do the job. Our hope became reality and had a good enough seaosn to finish first overall. We went into the playoffs feeling very good and that we had veteran players who always respond well under pressure. We had a very strong first series against Pitt, had our backs against the wall against Washington, went to Game 7 and won it in OT but in the Tampa series we felt good. Two teams that looked alike and played in a similar way with a lot of speed, up tempo, and it's no excuse but our back end, McDonagh, Staal and Girardi were so banged up that it made it hard to execute at the level and quickness that was needed and that is probably and reasonably why we came up short in that seventh game."
                • On the Zuccarello injury impact, "tremendous. Up front we had pretty good depth but our depth as far as scoring, if we lost one of our top-six guys it will be difficult to score and Mats was one of our top six guys and one of our PP guys and so we had a lot of line shuffling to do and we were able to get through the Pitt series, get through Washington and there is no doubt that we tried different options. Some were better than others and every team is banged up and you hope that you have enough depth and that the injuries that you do get aren't for a lengthy amount of time. In Mats' case it was for the remainder of the season but we kept him around the team. He is well liked and respected and kept our fingers crossed that maybe we would have the opportunity to play with him in the final but we didn't get to that."
                • At what stage did the injured defense really make an impact, "it started to have it's toll. Our seven game series against Washington was one of the toughest and grittiest that I have been part of. In Game 5 McDonagh broke his foot and had to freeze it up, Girardi got hurt in that game, we are going through Game 6 with those two guys and Marc Staal since, I wanna say a couple of weeks, before the end of the season, is playing with a broken foot and getting it frozen before every game. I'm just naming three, but could probably name 10 guys going through the same thing and playoffs is so demanding, these guys are so tough to put them through physically and mentally the demands of a tough playoff round. I am very disappointed we didn't get a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup but very proud of the effort and hard work our guys put in to get there."
                • What changed from game to game, "in those games in Tampa we could score early and when we scored early Tampa opened up things more than they wanted against a team like us and when they did we could make them pay. In Game 3 we came back twice, had the lead, came back and pushed the pace and tried to win the game. The games where we scored early we were more effective. The other games, either great goaltending or veteran defense, game 5 and 7 they got the edge and scored that first goal and we couldn't come back and get the push to tie the game."
                • Were you surprised with how Tampa played Game 7, "no. I thought we would see the same type of game and start that we saw in Tampa. In that game 6 we scored a faceoff off an early goal and got them to open up and and in the 7th game there was just no room and their speed permitted them to have numbers. We had numbers but it ended up 9-6 shots for them and 2-1 scoring chances for them in the first. We couldn't get open and they didn't have much more. There were nerves on both sides, I was real confident going into the third. Their goal that ended up as the winner had eyes and we were in good position and it went through three bodies, Hank never saw it and it went through him and it was the game winner."
                • Were you confident going into the third period, "anybody at the beginning of the year would have said one period to go back to the Stanley Cup Final, with this group, we are taking that bet."
                • On not scoring at home, "we were in good shape....that is a question that when the coaches get together to analyze the season and talk about the next one, it's definitely a question that we will ask ourselves. We scored 4 goals at home in that final series, we need to find answers for that and we need to get better, we know that."
                • "I would say that it's real hard. You look at both conference finals, both went to Game 7. Tampa went to 7 with Detroit and were out played by Detroit in Game 7? and if it wouldn't have been for Bishop they wouldn't have moved on. There is so little in today's hockey separating the teams and those 16 teams that get in are all good teams and all have a chance. You need to stay healthy and execute and work hard to get bounces and it's a challenge and it won't get easier but our whole group from management, to coaches to players to scouts, we are working hard to bring a Stanley Cup back sooner than later."
                • On the young players, "I think those young players have to get better, they are in their process of becoming solid NHLers and there is room for improvement. We will have to tweak a few pieces and our farm system needs to help us next year with bringing a couple of good young kids. They bring enthusiasm and energy and they want to learn and we don't have a lot of cap space left. We will have to try and go out and get more depth at every position in case we run into injuries. We had to go through our 8,9, 10th, 11th, defensemen on our depth charts. You need depth in this league and will need to do a good job of making sure we have the right kind."
                • On styles that can win it all, "you look at Washington and they were more of a defensive oriented team. They were playing that style and it was tough to break and that is why the games were low scoring. Against Tampa, both teams had the ability that if there were mistakes to make the other team pay and that is what happened in a couple of those games. Washington as hard and gritty as that series was, I don't think they had the same firepower. They had great firepower with OV and Backstrom but the rest of their team was more gritty and focused on defense. Tampa had those two lines that they could be two number one lines on any team in the NHL."
                • Do you have enough guys, like Tampa, who can score by themselves, "we are a different team but you are right, Stamkos and Johnson and they had a couple of guys who could almost take it from one end to the other to break your defense. We aren't that type, we are more team oriented where certain things have to happen close to the puck and away from the puck to get some looks. Tampa had high end level skill that makes it very challenging."
                • On how last year ended and how this year ended, "both disappointments. Disappointment of losing in the Final is very tough to describe but the feeling of losing the last period before going to the Stanley Cup Final is in my book as disappointing because we were so close."
                • Was this a better team, "It was a different team. I think up front last year we might have been a tad better and this year on defense we had more depth, but our top four last year had Anton Stralman who was real solid and the amazing thing about last year was that we stayed healthy. That top four stayed very healthy compared to this year with Girardi and McDonagh and Staal all having to play through some unbelievable pain. It's a good learning experience and we are only going to get better."
                • On the window to win, "it's always good to bring in new personnel, it's good to not stay status quo in this business. People talk about the window but it's a reset button and like you said, LA and Boston didn't make it, that is how challenging it is. We need to press the reset button and make sure all of our players are firing on all cylinders. This is a very good hockey team and it's our job all together to work toward going to the playoffs and then going one round at a time."
                • Did you get everything out of this team, "I believe that my staff and I pushed all the buttons and that this group emptied the tank and not for the coaches but for themselves. They really wanted it and gave it their best shot and we came up short."
                • On it being tough to get this close and not win, "without a doubt it's tough. Hoping here that with a little rest and recovery we will see that there were a lot of positives still to be taken out of this year. We will get ready for next year and push again."
                • On Kreider, Miller and Hayes, "there is no doubt. Some of these young players are pressing on becoming elite players in the NHL and they love it in New York, they want to be Rangers and play for this team and they will do anything. You talk about guys taking the extra mile on and off the ice, mental coaching, in the gym to be the best that they can be. You named three guys going in the right direction and will only get better."
                • What did you tell the team, "basically it was a short message. I wanted them to take a couple of weeks to rest and recover after a tough haul, learn from this experience and do what they did last summer and get ready for another very important start come next year."
                • On the Final, "its' gonna be outstanding. Two teams that can defend and counter punch. Great offense and goalies who can stop the puck. Chicago's big time players always raise their game at this time of year. This will be a fun series. I saw the Anaheim series and it was punch for punch."
                • Was it a successful season, "our final goal, the long-term one, is to win the Stanley Cup so in that so from that standpoint I don't think we could say that we had a successful season but within that long-term goal there are a lot of short-term goals that we achieved and will help this group hopefully soon reach our goal next year."
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                Alain Vigneault was on with The Michael Kay Show today on ESPN Radio and said:

                • On joining the show so often during the year, "it's part of my responsibility to talk to you and to our great fans. I don't mind it at all, in fact I quite enjoy it."
                • On his level of disappointment, "You know, very disappointed. We really felt that we had a legit shot at winning that series and going back to the Stanley Cup Final. We knew that Tampa was a real good team and that they were playing really well. (AV has to take another call)
                They go to break and Michael Kay comes back and says, "He was supposed to be on at 4 and we got him a little later because a tire blew out on his car and he was on the side of the road conducting the interview and then the people who were going to tow him actually called him at that time."

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on Breakup Day today and said (NYR):

                • Why isn't this a step back, "I'm not sure that the right way to define our season right now. We are still in the midst of emotion and sorting out exactly what happened and why it happened. Our long-term goal was still to get back to the Stanley Cup Final and get to compete for it. We were one period away from achieving that goal and unfortunately we didn't get it done. We had, in that seventh game, we had I don't want to say sub par performances but we didn't have the types of performances from our group that permit you to win that game. We did, along the way, achieve other goals. We did bring in some pretty good youth, took some steps forward in some directions and it's too fresh at this time here. We will analyze this in a better way here in the next couple of weeks and make the decisions that have to be made to improve this group."
                • On the home vs road issues, "we have been a good road team and a good home team. Why 5 and 7, definitely some of the questions that we will ask ourselves and trying to come up with answers. It's been a very emotional and challenging last couple of days for our group, myself. After Game 7 my youngest daughter was crying for hours and I couldn't get her to stop. Everyone who is close to me felt we were going to move on and it's hard to handle but it's life and that is the cards we have been dealt and now we need to pick up the pieces and pick up the cards and find a way to be a better team and give ourselves a better chance next year."
                • On needing guys to be better in Game 7, "the goal was the Stanley Cup and a lot of things have to happen to get there but there were so many positive things from within this group that if you are looking at it strictly that we didn't get to the Cup, it's very disappointing. But there were so many other positive elements that we are trying to sort that out in my mind."
                • On what makes this so hard and emotional, "that is a good question and I would say to you that when we came into the season I don't think anyone knew what to expect. So many pieces had left, veteran, important pieces to our nucleus to leaders to gritter roles and we were adding younger players and hoping that they would be able to contribute and perform. Along the way the progression of certain players made it so that we could compete, we were winning on a regular basis and had a chance to finish first. We started with one group and continued to win and I don't want to say impressed ourselves but we continued to win a regular fashion got into the playoffs won against Pitt, all 2-1 games, won against Washington, all tough games, we go against Tampa and we still feel that we had a chance to win and we were one step away. It's a different team with a lot of pieces that will probably be coming back, a lot of those pieces are still young and improving. It makes it very interesting if you are a Rangers fan."
                • On the young players, "Miller, Hayes, Fast combined with Stepan, Kreider, Brassard, they are all young players who are coming into their own and this organization has got a great pool of talent and it's up to us to work with the group and get them to be the best that they can be."
                • On Marty St. Louis, "I had a real long talk with Marty, myself and Jeff Gorton. Marty has been a great player on this team leadership wise, example wise. He wants to take some time at this moment to analyze this season and see what he wants to do. That said, from our end we need to know where the cap is going to be. It sort of works out perfectly for both sides, he is going to think about it and we will find out where we are money wise and then go from there."
                • "I think our players have proven time and again that in big games they can step up and do it. How many times has this group been faced with do or die and come up and gotten it done. For whatever reason, in the third period of the last game against Tampa it wasn't there. There will be a lot of theories why, for me it's too early to give you a more precise reason."
                • On the Zuccarello injury, "Well it was a huge blow to our team, there is no doubt. You will get injuries in the playoffs and find a way to manage and for the most part we did. Mats is the type of player that plays 5 on 5, can kill penalties, play PP, sometimes he is the guy who can be the little ball of energy that starts some things that you need. His minutes are tough to replace. We never really thought that he would come back but I think that for our group it was important for them to know that he might come back. He is such a likeable young man and we always kept it out there that he was close and improving and he was but it would have been a real long long shot to play."
                • "every team has bumps and busies. The bumps and bruises that maybe went over the top was Mac, he went through that for 3 games but captain of the team and he wants to help his teammates. What you saw there is what you saw from any team trying to win. Extra ice bags in the locker room after every day."
                • Did you ever consider not playing McDonagh, "first we heard that he might not be able to go was after warmup and I and Mac were talking back and forth and I asked if he thought that I should dress a seventh defenseman and prior to that it was always a no from the training staff and him but then it was yes. He caught me off guard there a bit and for a moment I thought we would be better off dressing Hunwick and keeping Mac off but I don't think I could have kept him out of the lineup. He really wanted to try and was waiting for the foot to freeze and it was taking a little longer."
                • Do you second guess yourself, "there will always be, personnel decisions and what we try and do is get better and learn and players are doing the same on their part. That is how we we will improve in getting over the hump. Our goal is next year, next year it's a restart button. We have to get into the playoffs, that will be a challenge, then we will battle for home ice and that will be a challenge and then it's trying to win your first playoff round. Restart every year, if the Stanley Cup Champs and Presidents Trophy Winner from last year didn't get in, she is a tough league to get in."
                • What are you most proud of, "I really think that this group, I know we didn't get to the Stanley Cup game but they laid it out. It may not have been pretty at times but this group came to work and competed hard and did the best they could for their teammates and fans every night and every day."
                • On Rick Nash, "Rick does so many other things too, bu at the end of the day and we had that talk with him today. In every playoff he has played he has improved. He was an older player getting to New York with only four games of experience. He is getting better and he understands that his contribution is real important and I think he will only continue to improve."
                • On his feeling about the core, "I think that if we continue to tweak certain aspects, personnel wise, improving personnel wise, every year there are changes because of the cap. If we continue to do that then I have a good belief that we have a group of young players at the right age and right experience and have been knocking at the door and getting close to the hump and almost getting ready to go fully over. Do I believe in this group, my answer is yes."
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers loss to Tampa (ASAP Sports):

                Q. Hank gave you a chance in the first two periods, and one slips by him. Did you think it was going to be a goal like that that decided it?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, it was a hard?fought game. Both teams were battling hard to try and create some chances, playing well defensively, and their first goal, their winning goal, obviously slipped through. We're tight on the checking, and the puck had eyes and went through a couple of bodies and went through Hank, so that turned out to be the winner.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media today following the Rangers morning skate (ASAP Sports):

                Q. What is this day like for the coach? Players get excited for Game 7, do you get nervous and stuff like that too or do you have to block that out as a coach too?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: We're going through normal preparation, morning meetings, and pregame meeting tonight, finalizing that, and good to go.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media today following Rangers practice (ASAP Sports):

                Q. Coach, the players talk about the specialness of Game 7. What about for you and your staff?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, for us, it's business as usual. We're trying to get our team focused and in the moment and ready to execute. It doesn't get any better than a Game 7, and that's what we've got in front of our fans tomorrow.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on Wednesday morning in Tampa before the team traveled back to New York (ASAP Sports):

                Q. Can you predict what the next game will bring?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, I think what you can predict is that two teams are going to go on the ice and battle and work extremely hard to try and win a game. I mean, you've got two highly skilled teams that both want to win.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media last night following the Rangers Win in Game 6 (ASAP Sports):

                Q. I know you've been through this now a lot, two years with this team. Does whatever this team does in elimination games, does it ever take you by surprise or is this just what you expect to get from your group?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, I expected our group to get ready, prepare themselves and give ourselves a chance to win this game, and I think that's what our group did.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers morning skate today (via ASAP Sports):

                Q. What have you seen from Yandle in the last couple games here?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: He's working extremely hard. He's trying to make some plays. Obviously, you know, with the pressure sometimes our "D" are under ?? a little bit more challenging to make the right play. But he's got the right idea, and we need him tonight to find a way to get a couple more pucks to the net, and we'll be in good shape.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on Monday in Tampa Bay (via ASAP Sports)

                Q. Is there one thing you can pinpoint why your team has been so good in these last must?win games?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: I think I've said this a few times: Our players focus in the right areas, stay in the moment. We've obviously been in a few of these situations in the past, and I'm very confident that our group is going to enjoy the opportunity and enjoy the challenge, get ready for it, and come up with a good game.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers 2-0 loss to Tampa Bay (ASAP Sports):

                Q. Coach, did Tampa Bay do anything differently tonight that made it difficult to get shots on goal and find shooting lanes?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, they did find, obviously, those shooting lanes, and I really like the way we came out, the energy, and the time we spent in their end. But for all that time, we didn't get much out of it.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media this morning prior to Game 5 (Via ASAP Sports)

                Q. Special teams have been especially effective for you guys these last few games. What in the power play in particular do you think is clicking for you?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: You know, power play right now is moving the puck well, is getting some good looks. And on a few of them, we've had second opportunities, so that always helps.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media this morning in Tampa before the Rangers returned to New York (ASAP Sports):

                Q. Is there a better feeling today?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, our overall situation is a little bit better. I?mean, we knew that yesterday was a very important game. We've evened the series out. Best of three now, and we have home ice advantage.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on Friday following the Rangers win over Tampa Bay (via ASAP Sports):

                Q. Alain, defensively, at least through the second period, it was not exactly what you wanted. But did you feel like when you had the puck on the forecheck, things were a lot different for you than they had been in previous games?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: I really liked how we came out. I thought we had a really good first period where I thought we had possession of the puck more.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers morning skate today: (via ASAP Sports)

                Q. Some of the guys enjoyed watching a movie together yesterday. Were you part of that? What can that day, in general, do to help you regroup?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: That was something that was set up by Nasher, and we had a 6:00 meeting, and from there they had a team supper and they went to see a movie together, all good.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers loss to Tampa Bay (Via ASAP Sports):

                Q. Are the scoring chances that they're getting too high of a quality? Or no matter what the chances are, do you need more saves?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: I think I've mentioned many times before, some games unfold differently, and tonight, I mean, you've got the highest scoring team in the league going up against the third highest scoring team in the league. We've got a 2?1 lead.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers morning skate today (Via ASAP Sports):

                Q. Coach, how would you assess Marty's play, not just in the series, but throughout the playoffs? I'm sure you're not happy that he hasn't scored, but are you happy with the amount of chances that he's getting?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, Marty is an important player for our group. He's got a lot of experience. He's a great leader. On the ice, I think it's safe to say that he thinks he can play at a higher level than he is right now. But he's trying really hard, and as far as his preparation and his work ethic, I can't say a word. I'm confident, and I know he sees it the same way. He gets one, he's going to get a couple, so hopefully that starts tonight.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media in Tampa today (via ASAP Sports):

                Q. You said you needed more from you top guys, what exactly do you need?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, we've played against good teams prior to Tampa, and those good teams have had great players. Tampa obviously has some great players. By our calculation, Tampa had five scoring chances in the first, and Johnson had all five of them.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers loss to Tampa Bay (via ASAP Sports):

                Q. The way you guys came out of the second period down a goal, what was the feeling at that point and what changed there in the third for you guys?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, we took a penalty. Got a couple of looks on their power play where we almost tied it up, and then the guys stepped out of the box, they scored, so 4?2, tougher deficit.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following Rangers practice today (Via ASAP Sports):

                Q. Your players have been asked a lot over the last month about how their experience going on deep playoff runs has helped them. How has it helped you as a coach to have been down this road before?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: You know, for us, players and coaches, any time you go through playoff stretches, it just helps with your experience in how to handle the games, the highs and lows that come within a series, and the focus and the commitment and hard work that is needed to take it one game at a time and just stay on that game.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers win over Tampa Bay (Via ASAP Sports):

                Q. Putting Kevin (Hayes) with Nash and Brass (Brassard), it seemed to add a little bit of size up top. You got a cycle going on early. Was that the intent of making that change?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: A different opponent, so after looking at games from both of their series, we just felt that a subtle little change in right wingers on two lines would maybe help us out. I thought considering the fact that we had just finished a really emotional seven?game series, our guys came out really strong tonight, focused, and executed really well against a really quick team.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media prior to Game One (Via ASAP Sports):

                Q. Is Tanner playing today?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Yes.

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                Alain Vigneault met with the media today after the Rangers practice (Transcript via ASAP Sports)

                Q. How much difference do you think this series will be from the last?

                COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, it's definitely a different team, there game is more suited to speed and skill. Highest scoring team in the league. They've gotten some phenomenal goaltending throughout the season and the playoffs. A team that comes at you hard, very hard on the forecheck, and very good on transition. So it's going to be quite a challenge. I mean, it goes from Crosby-Malkin, to Ovechkin-Backstrom, to Stamkos and Johnson, it should be a lot of fun.

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                Alain Vigneault was a guest of Mike Francesa yesterday on WFAN and said:

                • On a birthday present, "it was great. MY youngest daughter and some friends were there. Would have preferred not to go to OT but as long as you win..'
                • On how it ended, "Scott Arniel called the play from the bench. We didn't have a lot of success winning draws in the game until the midway part of the third period so we were winning a few more faceoffs and Arnie called a faceoff play where we got a shot from the point, it was blocked and you never know what happens with the rebound and it ended up on Step's stick and in the back of the net."
                • What do you tell them when it gets chippy and penalties won't be called, "just need to keep playing. Throughout the series we felt we were trying to use our speed and transition and puck movement. Wash defends well and there is interference that is on the fine line there, on the border line and the refs didn't feel like it was penalty worthy and you just need to play through it. A real toughs series, going to OT, two even teams and we played some solid hockey. Other than part of Game 6 where Henrik kept us in, we were down 3-1 but playing some real solid hockey at both ends. We were facing a goalie on top of his game and kept his team in a lot of the games and this sport is like any other, it's about finding ways and that is what we did."
                • What are you thinking at the end of Game 5, "we had played a real good game, especially in the first 30 where we were out-chancing them 14-5, you just couldn't beat Holtby. Just needed to stick with it and do the right things and sooner or later it pays off and it did on what I consider to be a "B" chance by Kreider to tie it. We won it on a great play by Step to McDonagh. Now we made it 3-2 and we need to win one more game in their building. They were a little bit more than a minute from moving on, maybe we had them thinking a bit. We went to Wash which was one of the loudest buildings I have ever been in. They had a push and our goalie being who he is came up big."
                • On Game 7, "felt real good and mentioned this to our players and the media, we need to let our actions do the talking. Experienced group that prepares real well and understands how you have to play and stay in the moment and play. Our guys did that well and under a ton of pressure. They focused and executed and yesterday was a tight affair, in the third we had better looks and then set up a play that worked for us."
                • On the one-goal and elimination games, "speaking since the time that I have been here, I have tried to make sure that we play the right way, there is just one way and it's making defensive plays and offensive plays. Prior to getting here this team had played some pressure games and played well. I was fortunate to come with veteran players who want to win and they want direction and want to win and will do whatever the coach says to push them along. That is what we are trying to do. Not a lot separating the teams. Any of the 16 teams have a legit chance of winning the cup. We have won 8 games, all one-goal and 3 have gone into OT."
                • On young players and depth, "not sure we have more depth what we have done though is replace some of the experienced players with young players that have tremendous upside and potential and we are giving them that opportunity. This is maximum pressure, playoff hockey, we believe that these players could get it done and they have proven to us and our fans that they can step on the ice and play solid hockey."
                • On replacing Zuccarello, "in my mind, you can't replace the important minutes that a guy like that plays. 5 on 5 against top lines, PP, skill level, compete level, one of our top six forwards and our highest scorer last year. You don't replace that. You spread minutes around. He is doing better, he is coming along, he has started to work out, so we are keeping our fingers crossed."
                • Is there any chance you can get him back, "there is always hope."
                • On Dan Boyle,? "he talked with the medical staff this morning and I texted back and forth with him today. Feels a lot better, we will know more on Friday."
                • On Henrik, "amazing. He represents what our core leadership is all about. Guy that has been here and wants to be here and wants to win a cup for the Rangers. Will do all the prep and all the hard work, he understands that we have won 8. He understands that we need to win 16 and it's a very tough opponent. Coaches were in early to prepare and the team comes in Friday and we will prepare for Tampa."
                • What you have learned from last year, "I believe that experience and the belief in this group that we still have the core pieces in place that this is a team that competes and competes real hard and it never dies, never goes away easy. That is what we intend to do against Tampa, we know it's a race to four. Our mindset has always been the same, one game at a time, play it and execute and that is what we will do on Saturday."
                • Were you surprised you were down 3-1, "surprised, I knew it was an even match. At worst I felt it should have been 2-2. We had played well, well enough to win more than one but that is the NHL and how even teams are. It's focusing on winning the next game, we won Game 5, won 6 and then won game 7 and now we look at the next series."
                • Do the playoffs hurt your style, "playoff hockey is playing against the best teams in the league and in the regular season you might have more space and time to make highlight plays because the opponent might not be as good. Then you go 30 to 16, 16 to 8 and now 8 to 4. Opposition gets better, goalies gets better, less room and they don't let you do the things that you get you on the highlight reel. That is what playoff hockey is about and for two series we did it well enough to move on to the Conference Final."
                • On Tampa Bay, "highest scoring team in the league. They were 1, we were 3, they have talent all over the team. One of the most talented young groups in a long time. Goalie has stepped up, beat Detroit in 7 and then Montreal. We have our hands full here. We have to play our best hockey of the year and looking forward to the opportunity."
                • On the Caps series being well played, "absolutely right. One of the hardest fought and gut wrenching series, it was a battle. The only time I didn't like from our team was the last 30 minutes of Game 6, other than that I think we played some real strong defensive and offensive hockey. IT was a battle and a grind and Wash played hard and strong and made us earn a 7 game series in OT."
                • Have you learned things about the young players, "I think for the most part our team has responded well. Different heroes and different guys from our captain to Stepan to Jesper Fast blocking shots, Kreider using his brute force. Different guys. If you want to go a long way you need different players to step up. If we intend to go to the Stanley Cup Final we will need the same and more from our group."
                • What did you tell the team before OT, "skate, pass, shoot. (Laugh) As simple as that. Just gotta put it out on the ice, your best foot forward and that is what hockey is all about."
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                Alain Vigneault was a guest on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio:

                • How did you sleep, "I got a little bit. As soon as we went into the room after did handshakes and congrats were over, my staff looked at each other and it took about five seconds and it was 'you've got the Lightning's last game here, I will do this' and we were already onto the next opponent."
                • What were you thinking in game five when the season could end, "I really thought that we were playing good hockey going into game five but we were facing a goalie who was playing some unbelievable hockey. We had played really well in game two, played well enough in game one, came back and then lost it on that unfortunate play. I liked how we were playing and in game five we had an unreal start bu couldn't score. They got one early and I kept believing that if we stuck with the process it would pay off and it's funny how this game is. It was probably one of our B chances of the game and the puck ends up in the net and then with Ryan scoring in OT on a great set up from Step and then maybe you are thinking that you have them thinking about things. The game was close and they almost had us out and then in their building it was a great first and then it was Henrik. He stood on his head and it was probably the loudest building I have been in and one of the stronger pushes but we weathered the storm and yesterday was a typical game seven series from two teams that are a like and we got it done in OT."
                • On his reactions when they couldn't get the puck out, "I am telling our guys to be ready because it's a long change. We got a little unlucky. They had three shifts where they had complete possession and then two other shifts where we couldn't get it out and Hank came up with two big saves. Then it was back and forth and they iced it a couple of times. Scott Arniel called a great faceoff play from the bench and executed well and there was a bounce and it ended up on Derek's stick and in the back of the net."
                • On Dan Boyle, "I texted with him today, earlier this morning. He talked with our trainers and felt much better and he will be evaluated by our medical staff tomorrow and we will have a further update then."
                • On the hit, "after watching it, the point of contact is the head but I'd rather not get into it. Right now the reffing is what it is and you need to deal with what is happening and what is allowed and you need to play your game."
                • On Zuccarello, "he is coming along and been around our team for I would say the past 7-8 days. He started to work out. You never know."
                • On the team having Zucc around, "what you want at this time is to have your whole team, healthy, not healthy and the guys who aren't playing. We need everyone's support and pushing. Mats, everyone knows that he is a lovable person and always smiling and always trying to help out and he came in during that series and started to talk to some guys and telling them they needed to be greasier around the net and. All such tight games, all low scoring but game 6, you need to get to those areas and pay the price."
                • On Marty St. Louis in Game 7, "you know, it had more to do with, if you follow the game closely, with 5:51 left I put JT on that line more to do with offensive zone faceoffs. Brassard was having a tough time on draws and not winning very many, JT on the PP had won both of his draws so I made a switch and it worked out for the rest of the period. I kept JT with them there and in OT I did the same thing, if I could switch on the fly Marty would go back with his line and if it was a faceoff in the offensive zone I put JT out there. Marty has been a big part of this team and there isn't a lot of room out there and not a lot of chances. He has been a big part and he will continue to be a big part."
                • On playing Tampa early in the season, "well, if you look at those three games where we got outplayed and outscored in all facets of the game, you could say that Tampa is the favorite in the series. But, I don't believe in favorites, any team getting into the playoffs has a chance to win the Cup. They blew us out a long time ago. Both teams have made changes and improved and I am looking forward to a great series. A great team that just beat Detroit in 7 and the Habs in six and we need to be at our best."
                • On the extra day off, "now that we won we could say that it was good for us but saying that, if we would have played on Tuesday we would have been fine. We had just won back to back games, real emotional and we were just looking to close it out. Game 7, you just mention the word, we don't need anyone from the opposition to guarantee a game to be motivated. This is a very mature and professional group and just by saying Game 7 we will be ready."
                • On the former players playing each other, "they are all players that I and our whole group have a tremendous amount of respect for. The run we had last year was because they were a big part and understood their roles and did it to the best of their capabilities. It's the conference finals and getting the job done. No friends on the ice both teams whether they were former teammates or not will try their best to win it."
                • What do you say to the losing coach, "Barry is the first one that spoke and said 'what a series" and it was, good luck moving forward and not a lot to say. We are happy to move on and they felt good about how they played and each team looks at it differently and we move on.
                • On being better for going through a game seven, "I think it does, no doubt that there is a lot of belief in our room and a clear understanding that there is a lot of work to be done. When we were down 3-1 against Wash we felt good about our game, maybe others didn't but we felt it shouldn't have been 3-1 and an even series. It was what it was and we kept playing and sticking to the process. Other than the last half of Game 6, I really liked how we played offensively and defensively. Our guys were committed to playing the right way and sometimes teams are so overmatched that it goes to Game 7 and OT."
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers win over the Caps:

                • "I'm not sure you can make it that complex, we take it one game at time. Game 5 we found a way to win, Game 6 our goalie made the difference, we had a strong first but they had a tremendous push. Tonight was a hard fought game and two teams that aren't separated by a lot. Game 7, OT and we found a way."
                • On elimination games, "our guys stay in the moment and present and what needs to be done and they have fun doing it."
                • On the leadership, "I have only been here, it's my second year, I have gotten to know the guys quite a bit. They are a mature group that is task oriented and they want to win and they are very coachable and just want to win."
                • On what he said heading into OT, "you want to know what I said...shoot the puck (laughs)...I mean, when it's Game 7 and go to 5 D and shorten up the bench. Gotta find a way and our guys found a way."
                • Was it fitting to end in OT, "so little separating both teams, very competitive series, both teams had their top players playing well and it was a lot of fun."
                • On Henrik and OT, "part of that stretch wouldn't have happened because they broke Dom's stick and that is a penalty under normal circumstances, I get that it's OT but the guys stuck with it. Two shifts where they had extended time in our end and we had some good saves and made them pay."
                • On coaching a game like this, "tell your players to focus on their job and what they need to do and you do the same thing. A lot of atmosphere and tense moments but guys just play. Probably more stressful for the fans watching, we are just trying to play."
                • On Dan Boyle, "seemed fine when I saw him after, will no more tomorrow."
                • On the hit, "Didn't see the replay so I won't comment on it."
                • On Zuccarello, "he's coming along."
                • On Ryan McDonagh, "played outstanding, big big minutes against a world class player and he got beat on the goal but other than that he was tremendous."
                • How proud of the group are you, "I expect this group to win. Even though we were behind we were playing good hockey and it was a matter of staying with the process and that is what we did."? (540)
                • Did you have to say much in the room, "it's a very professional room." (540)
                • On Dom Moore, "he played extremely well and that line had quality time in their end and had good looks and I liked how they played." (540)
                • On the young players, "this group, as I have mentioned, is a different group. It's got some young players stepping in from JT to Kevin to Quickie was a big part of this series." (540)
                • "This is the last one...I'm not my counterpart here." (big laugh) (540)
                • On Tampa Bay, "we played Tampa a long long time ago. I will take tonight to soak this in and I will take tomorrow to start working on that, thanks guys." (540)
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on Wednesday prior to Game 7 (NYR):

                • When does this become another hockey game, "I would expect after everyone has had their first shift that the nerves get to the side and you can get to play. There is no doubt that everyone will be nervous and that you just need to stay in the moment and concentrate on what you need to do on the ice."
                • On his first Game 7, "I can't think that far back, I am just focused on tonight."
                • On McDonagh and Ovechkin, "I have seen Ryan over the past two years have some great opportunities to match up against great players and he has always met them head on. He is such a great skater that can move the puck well and he has a physical dimension to his game and that is a great battle that has been going on for six games and we have a Game 7 where we can see it continue."
                • On Henrik and Game 7, "as a player you want to play in these moments, when the game and season is on the line and show what you are made of and there is no doubt that Hank loves these situations. We were less than a couple of minutes away from our season being over and we found a way to survive, found a way to win in Washington and we wanted to continue and we will give it our best shot tonight."
                • On what home ice means, "with two such evenly matched teams, besides last change and the support of our great fans, it will be a great battle out there and a lot of fun."
                • On faceoffs, "The last two first periods of games, as far as faceoffs, were better, it is an area we have been talking to our team about. Our centers are watching tape and talking to the linesmen about making it a fair drop and we had a better night and we are hoping to have a better night because we are a much better team when we start with the puck."
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on Tuesday following Rangers practice (NYR):

                • How different from last year, "last year is last year. This is a new season and new team and new opportunity and everyone is looking forward to it. Doesn't get much better than game 7."
                • Any differences in the team heading into game 7, "we are getting ready for a game. We understand the prep that goes into this and we need to let our actions do the talking and that is what we are focused on. We had a good practice today and good energy, attention to detail was good and we are looking forward to the game."
                • On Chris Kreider, "he is just, at this time, he seems to be very powerful on the ice, not just his stride but his ability to hold onto pucks and retrieve pucks and take them to the net. He is such a strong player that he is tough to handle one on one and we need him to play that way. He is a big part of our team."
                • On how McDonagh looked, "no different than yesterday or the day before."
                • On the obstruction, "I haven't noticed any of that....just gotta play. We are just trying to play."
                • On the series, "it's been a tremendous series, hard fought, all one goal games, both teams laying it out on the ice and trying to play their best game and that is what it's all about. When we come to training camp we come to get ready for the long season and to get ready for the playoffs and we are getting an opportunity to play game 7."
                • On a window of opportunity, "I'll give you an honest answer, sometimes that does cross my mind at some points. This isn't one of those points though."
                • On home ice in a game 7, "at the end of the day players still have to play, both teams are going to come out real hard. The one thing that might be a slight advantage is that you get last change and matchups are a little easier to get."
                • Is that big in a game 7, "there are no secrets between both teams, whichever team is going to go out on the ice and make more plays is probably going to win."
                • Has it seemed like a big series, "both teams have put players on the ice and both played four lines and six D and the same goalies and both teams have gotten outstanding goaltending. Pretty evenly matched."
                • On Henrik and game 7, "his focus and prep is by far one of the best I have ever seen in this game. Him and our group, these moments are what we play for and I think everyone is really looking forward to it."
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on MSG following the Rangers win over the Caps:

                • "we came out real strong in the first period and in the second our decisions fell off a bit and we gave them some looks. In the third after we made it 4-1 they had one of the stronger pushes that I have seen a team have and the building was loud and it was exciting right till the end."
                • On Rick Nash, "he has been playing well. Anyone who has followed this series at both ends of the rink would tell you that he has been an effective player but he is an offensive guy who is noted for his scoring and tonight he came up real big for us at an important time."
                • On going home for game seven, "we wanted a chance and we gave ourselves a chance. We came here to compete and I thought that we did that for a lot of parts but it's two good teams going at it and we got another one goal game with great goaltending performances."
                • "They are getting some looks and when they are Hank is making saves. At the 5 on 4, 6 on 4, guys are blocking shots and paying the price."
                • On the goal explosion, "I don't have an explanation for you."
                • On Ryan McDonagh, "I haven't seen the replay so I can't comment on it. He came back, he should be fine."
                • On Chris Kreider, "he is a power forward that is probably one of the fastest players in the league with size and real strength. When he plays like that he is real tough to handle for anybody."
                • On his goals,"The two goals, that goal was an early goal and the one at the end of the period was big for us but as everyone saw games play out until right till the end."
                • On the worst game of the series, "it tells me that we have game seven."
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media prior to the Rangers and Caps (Caps):

                • On PPs, "when you get 1-2 a game, but 5 on 5 there is a lot more time. You still have to be ready in case you do get one and we work on our PP on a daily basis."
                • On the Caps, "they are a sound defensive team and that is part of their DNA. We will have to be better tonight in this building."
                • On his core group, "they focus on the game. Our guys will come in here tonight and prepare to execute and compete and take care of the process that when you do that you stay in the moment and the outcome takes care of itself."
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                On MSG, Alain Vigneault met with media following the Rangers win over the Caps:


                • Just like you scripted, "not exactly. (big laugh) Another tight game with great goaltending at both ends and we were able to tie it up late and another one goal game and OT."
                • "just try to continue to play the right way. We have been playing some solid hockey at both ends against a good team. Our starts have been good and gotten good looks but not been rewarded for a lot of our good plays but at the end of the day we are still breathing and go into Washington on Sunday and give it our best shot."
                • "Our group is mentally strong, we have been in a lot of these tight one goal games. We understand the process that needs to be put on the ice and that is what we try to do."
                • On the resolve of the team, "to tell you the truth, if we want to continue to play and continue to play well we need to win. They had a 3-1 lead going into tonight, now it's 3-2 and we are going into Washington and we will play real hard."
                • On what makes Henrik Lundqvist so good, "he stops the puck. (laughs) That is what a goalie has to do is stop the puck and give his team a chance and that is what he does."
                • "All I can say is that we are behind in the series. It's not important to focus on the outcome but to focus on the process that is what our group is trying to do. That is what we did tonight and what we will have to do on Sunday."
                • On getting the D involved, "think we overdid it on their first goal. (laughs) There are some reads and decisions that players have to make and a lot of our offense comes from our backend and we need them to be part of this."
                • On the sense when the Caps took the lead, "stick with it. We were playing well, sooner or later one of them would go in and it did. Good? Thanks guys."
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers morning skate (NYR):

                • "Looking forwards to tonight's game, if we analyze the two games in Washington we probably spent close to 70% of those games in their end. We got some looks, we missed some opportunities, had some shots blocked but with the amount of time that we are spending there, the amount of opportunities that are just slightly off are due to start hitting the net and getting us some grade A opportunities."
                • Would you like to see Klein shoot more, "I think he has tried. He is jumping up quite a bit and he was one of our good offensive defensemen throughout the season. In this series our backend, I think, other than the PP hasn't produced a point 5 on 5. If you notice, especially the last two games, we are trying to push the pace and getting our D involved and we will do that tonight."
                • On the Caps D, "it's obviously good physicality, good size, it's obvious, there is more allowed in front of the net and that is playoff hockey, you know what the standards are and you play with it and through them. You need to get through hard areas and I think tonight it will start to pay off."
                • On what Dan Boyle adds to the locker room, "he has been through a lot in his career, won a cup, has had some playoff runs and we need him to play well. We brought him in to move the puck and for his experience and he has done that we definitely need it tonight."
                • Do you look back at last year, "the players last year can draw on it but I believe that in these situations you need to be in the moment and stick to what we need to do to have success and that is what we will try to do before the game."
                • On Marty St. Louis, "that line has had some good zone time, some good rush opps, some good looks, in Washington they spent probably 70% of their time against their top line and did a good job, that is the matchup that he was looking for. I didn't mind if it was Brass or Step, or even Dom in the last game and all three lines did a good job but in the last game 70% of the time it was Brass' line against Backstrom and they handled themselves real well."
                • On how competitive Hank is, "coming from the West I only played against the Rangers a couple of games but you hear the reputation and the competitive and he is a big time goalie and that is what we are banking on tonight."
                • On MSG, "it's a great place. NY is a great place to play for players and coaches and like I said last year, we are looking for unconditional love and we are ready for it."
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on MSG following the Rangers loss to the Caps last night:

                • On Braden Holtby, "there is no doubt that he has been good. He has made some big saves and their players in front have done a good job of blocking shots and lanes and making it real challenging for us right now."
                • Are you surprised to be down 3-1, "they are a good team and all the games have been tight from both sides. They found a way to score more than we have and they are up 3-1."
                • Can something be changed, "our game has been, in my estimation, good but we need to find a way to do a better job in the offensive zone. We are getting the looks, just not beating their goalie or their forwards and their D who are doing a good job in front. Puck Possession at 5 on 5 was good tonight. We will turn the page, won't dwell on the past and focus on the next game."
                • On the penalty shot, "Hags made a good move. Their goalie made a good save. We know that we need to score more, everyone knows but we will focus on the next game. Good? Thanks guys."
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                Alain Vigneault met with the media on Tuesday after the Rangers practice in Washington (NYR):

                • On Braden Holtby, "at this time of the year you are down to 8 teams. If you are at this point it's because you have solid goaltending and both goalies are doing a good job of giving their team a chance to win. Last night we had some good looks, good looks that were taken away by good defensive plays by their players in front of us. I like a lot of parts of our game but you need to put the puck in the net and that is an areas we need to improve on."
                • On losing two games on plays behind the net, "nothing I can draw up with Hank or Benoit Allaire his goalie coach that he can stop that one last night. It was a bounce, hockey is made of bounces and some are on the wrong side and we were on the wrong side of that one. Like I said, I like a lot of our game, our effort and executions are good. We came in today and had a good energized practice and we will be ready for tomorrow, our focus is on game four."
                • On players sticking with the game plan, "the players have to find ways to contribute. It's tight hockey and on different nights you get different players who are difference makers. When we won that game two, obviously Step's line was the difference maker. They found ways to play real well against their top line and get scoring chances and make it real hard on the opposition. Brass' line with Nasher and Marty are close to being difference makers. They are playing the right way offensively and defensively and you need to stick with and believe in the process and hope that in these tight games it pays off."
                • On his talk with Keith Yandle, "it was a hockey conversation between a coach and a player and that is one of the multitude of conversations that we have during the year."
                • On how close the top line is to being difference makers, "this is a results oriented business and you can play real well and do the right things at both ends and in the neutral zone but at the end of the day you expect Marty St. Louis to find the back of net, Rick Nash to find the back of the net and Derick Brassard to help those guys and himself find the back of the net. The quality of the goaltending and quality of the defensive play from both teams. Not a lot of Grade A chances, I believe that we are doing a good job in the last two games against their top line. They are still getting real good looks so it's a challenge and our focus after last night, even though we played a good game, we gotta play better and find a way to win."
                • On Rick Nash, "he has played well, in my estimation he is going to the tough areas, getting good looks, competing real hard when he doesn't have the puck, making good defensive plays and getting good looks offensively. Right now their goalie is real good and give credit, their defense is making good plays."
                • On Lou Lamoriello stepping down as GM, "real tough for me to comment on what is going on in another organization and the reasons that he would. I just know that from my standpoint he is a very respected hockey individual and you need to respect his decision."
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