Alex Kovalev

Alex Kovalev has been skating with the Rangers as they start informal workouts before training camp.

Asked if he is trying to make a comeback, Kovalev said "I wish that was the case but, I don't think anyone would be interested in me. It's just fun, I miss the ice. I love to play hockey and sometimes when I have a chance to play, it doesn't matter, it's just going out there and having fun. Today and yesterday was fun to see some of the young guys, the young talent and what they are capable of and it's always a learning process and maybe you pass on some things to some kids. It's just fun to be out there." (Rangers)

On seeing the banner from 1994, Kovalev said, "It tells me how old I am, it seems to me like yesterday. Once in a while I watch the video of game seven against Vancouver and game six and seven against New Jersey. Those times were fun and I wish to bring them back and all you can do is watch them and enjoy them and show your kids." (Rangers)

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Former Ranger Alex Kovalev announced his retirement from pro hockey due to injuries. (IIHF)

Kovalev played 1,316 games in his NHL career and had 430 goals and 599 assists. He had 100 points in 123 playoff games.

He played 492 games with the Rangers, scoring 142 goals and 188 assists in two stints from 1992 to 1999 and 2002 to 2004.

Tags: Alex Kovalev, Rangers, Adam Rotter
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According to Pavel Lysenkov, former Ranger Alex Kovalev is back in New York and skating/renting ice with some of the Rangers.

He adds that Kovalev had offers from the Panthers and Blue Jackets before the lockout.

Kovalev was/is reportedly planning an NHL comeback.

Tags: Alex Kovalev, Rangers, Adam Rotter