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Derrick Brown had a productive 12 minutes on the court tonight. He grabbed a pair of boards and went 3-3 from the floor, including this one-handed stuff with :41 left in the game, assisted by Andy Rautins. Brown, a 6-8, 227-pound forward, was acquired by the Knicks off waivers on March 1.
Brown is?a player I was high on from the get go. I think they can shape his manageble contract into an asset moving forward. He's a great athlete who comes from an outstanding Xavier program. He's?shown flashes like last night, let's see if he'll get more rotation minutes as the season progresses.
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NY Post

Because Fields had spinal surgery in the days leading up to the draft and didn't come out of the hospital until draft day, Walsh had to trust in his two top college scouts, Mark Hughes, who heads the Western region, and Misho Ostarcevic, the director of player personnel and Pac-10 aficionado, who lives in Utah.

On the morning of the draft, Walsh took a final look at Stanford game tape of Fields and told Hughes, "I don't know about this. He looks too good to be taken down there. He was high scorer in the Pac-10, had a 39-inch vertical leap. I don't know how he lasts until 38."

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My friend Keith Schlosser from Knicks Journal got a great snag in getting Raptors broadcaster (and father of the Knicks Andy Rautins) Leo Rautins to discuss many things including tonight's match up. Here's a snippet.

Q: The Knicks have been on a tear obviously with their big winning streak. What have they been doing that the Raptors will have to look to stop tonight?

A: During their matchup with the Raptors on Sunday, I think the Knicks did a great job knocking down three-pointers. Amar?e Stoudemire simply took over the game in the fourth quarter. The Raptors need to force other players to make plays, not allowing him to do it. The two wins that the Knicks have had against the Raptors this season have resulted from Stoudemire taking charge in the game. Allowing threes creates a lot of problems for the Raptors, as it did against the Pacers the other night, so they will have to tighten that up too.

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It's always too early to tell, but in the case of Landry Fields, the Knicks have a polished, high-IQ, d0-everything-including-laundry player that seems to have all the tools to be an efficient NBA player for years to come.

I remember July 28,2008 very well because of the Renaldo Balkman trade. I remember many Knicks fans being very upset because they loved Balkman's motor. I remember being happy because that meant more minutes for Wilson Chandler.

The Knicks received a second round pick and cap space in return, allowing them to draft both 38th (Denver's pick via Clippers from the Camby trade) and 39th. I remember saying that this was a deep draft and being excited to get a good player or two in the process.

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I agree very much with the high IQ scribe who works for Newsday.

With the lack of consistency from Toney Douglas, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, the Knicks need an automatic jump shooter. I also think they need someone to attack the rim at will, but a shooter is certainly a need as well.

And obviously, the Knicks could use some depth up front. Their front line is starting to look like the Giants offensive line.

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Via SNY.tv
A shooting guard under Jim Boeheim at Syracuse, Rautins is attempting to make the transition to point guard for the Knicks, who already have Raymond Felton as the starter and second-year guard Toney Douglas as a backup.

"He can do it," Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni said. "It's just a matter of reading a little bit better and getting his game. And then finding opportunities to play. Sometimes you come on a team and it's not what you're not doing, it's other guys are ahead of him."

Said Rautins: "It's a little bit of a transition period, but it's nothing that you can't fight through. I'm working my tail off every day. Obviously, making that transition from the two to the one. And just trying to be used wherever they need me, be a role player and get out there and knock down shots."

With the Knicks struggling from the field, it may behoove D'Antoni to give Rautins a look over Roger Mason soon...maybe as soon as tonight.
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No one was more critical of the selection of Andy Rautins at the time than I was. It was almost like the Knicks were geared up to select Darrington Hobson, their target as we reported from several weeks before the draft, then were shocked when the Bucks jumped in the pick before.

Obviously, you'd like to think that wasn't the case.

In any event,? Rautins struggled in the summer league but seemed more comfortable playing for Canada in the World Championships.He had by far his best practice the night before the team parted for Europe, and really had a nice impact against the T-Wolves when he got his opportunity. You can see the connection with Landry Fields and as a former Syracuse assistant told me over the summer, Rautins is absolutely the type of player you want to surround great players with whether on or off the court. Bottom line is the guy can make shots, on a team that needs it to win.

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Tommy's Twitter Feed...

Here it is everyone. Your first open thread for the first preseason game of the season. I would venture to guess that Turiaf gets the start along side Stoudemire and the starters will play significant minutes.

There are potential issues, but the bottom line for me is can the team create second opportunities and can they limit the other team to a lot of one and done situations, and I don't mean makes.

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Via Toronto Sun (Via KnicksTweets)
the second game, however, the New York Knicks second round pick was limping noticably in the first half and never really got rolling.Head coach Leo Rautins admitted after the game, he probably should not have played him in the second half.

When the Canadian team took the floor for warmups prior to the France game, Rautins was in jeans and looking extremely dejected at the thought of not playing.

Without Rautins, the load on point guard Jermaine Anderson becomes even bigger. Anderson, who has played almost his entire National team career without a true backup, will have to log big minutes and be an offensive force against France if Canada is to have a chance in the game.

It's been a tough first summer for the Knicks first pick in the 2nd round.
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