Barclays Center Public Transportation Options

Barclays Center

One of the things that everyone has been talking about is the seeming lack of public parking facilities in the nearby vicinity of Barclays Center.

For those that aren't familiar with the area, Atlantic Terminal and most of Flatbush Avenue is very commercial, while the area on Atlantic Avenue closest to Barclays is fairly residential.

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One thing that has gotten A LOT of attention has been the lack of parking facilities over at and around the Barclays Center. Just about everyone involved with the Nets has said at least a few words about the myriad of public?transportation?options there are for Nets game goers, and now, it looks as though the Long Island Railroad is doing its part, as well.

The Long Island Railroad connects Long Island with three central hubs in New York City: Penn Station (Manhattan), Jamaica (Queens) , and Atlantic Terminal (Brooklyn). Now, we have received official word that the MTA will be dispatching more late night trains to?accommodate game goers.

Thank goodness. The traffic situation will be a nightmare, especially if the gross majority of the more than 10,000 season ticket holder opt to drive. Let's hope that's not the case...

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