Bart Scott

One of the big questions of the second half will be what the linebacker makeup looks like for this team. Bart Scott has been hobbled by a toe injury and he might not be able to play this weekend again, but according to Jane McManus, Scott will travel with the team.

Bart Scott?will travel to Seattle, but he is not sure whether he will be cleared to play with the turf toe that ended his streak of 119 consecutive games played.

Scott would prefer to play, but the Jets trainers want to see how much his toe swells after two straight days of practicing in a limited capacity. He will be on site either way.Playing a tough customer like Marshawn Lynch and Scott's unlikelihood activation is all the more reason why the Jets activated Ricky Sapp. They're going to need as many linebackers as possible this weekend.

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Jeane Coakley sits down with the media boycotter Bart Scott to discuss the media's treatment of the team and the gameplan for Pittsburgh.


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It's a brand new week, a brand new Sunday, and a brand new game. Release the negativity you've carried through September. That is over. October is now. Remember what happened the last time we played this team. Remember: anybody can be beat. And I can't wait to see it happen.

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There is now a barometer to gauge the going rates for premier inside linebackers in 2011. Carolina signed Jon Beason?a three-time Pro Bowl and two-time All-Pro inside linebacker?to a monster five-year, $50M extension with $25M guaranteed.

Although David Harris has yet to receive similar acknowledgment for his production, the Jets do feel very strongly about Hitman Harris and his abilities. If Beason's deal tops the market value, how far off will Harris' numbers be? Will he meet or exceed Bart Scott's six-year, $48M contract in 2009?

EDIT BY BENT: One huge difference here is the fact that Beason's rookie deal had not yet expired. With one year left at $1.4m that makes the contract worth $51.4m over six years, an average rate of $8.5m, which puts Harris' value just below that, where we figured it was all along.

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Steve Serby of the New York Post interviewed Bart Scott and gave him an opportunity to explain his "violent" comments. Heads have turned since Scott's conference call, with some criticizing the $48 Million Man for being so blunt.? Gladly, Scott doesn't take anything back. Some excerpts:

It's a big difference from being violent and really hitting somebody, it's another thing to be dirty. At the end of the day, you want people to go home to their family and realize that you want them to be able to earn a living.
That explains football exactly as I've always known it. You don't want to ruin someone's life?just their afternoon. When asked about how his personality changes when the pads come on, Scott had this to say:

It's a pure hatred for the person across the field, because I feel like they're trying to take something that I worked for, but better yet, something that my teammates have worked for.
I know all the talk this offseason was about getting a vocal leader on the other side of the field. Leadership is intangible, so there's no way to gauge that until it's actually seen. But he actually sounds like a guy whose team is also his family, and will put it all on the line for them. You have to love that.

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