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According to tweets today, Bill Callahan will inherit play-calling duties from head coach Jason Garrett.

Earlier this month, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported Cowboys owner was pushing Garrett to relinquish play-calling duties.

On Jan. 13, the team hired Callahan to be the offensive coordinator, a role incorporated into Garrett's head coaching responsibilities. Callahan, who will also coach the offensive line, replaced Hudson Houch, who retired as the team's running game coordinator.

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With the Jets offense flailing these past few weeks, the alignment of the football stars seem to suggest that if Schottenheimer is out, offensive line coach Bill Callahan will be in.

David Ferris thinks that Rex Ryan is trying to sell Schottenheimer to other teams:

Maybe it?s the power of suggestion at play. Perhaps Ryan feels that if he talks about Schottenheimer as a hot coaching candidate, the perception will become reality.

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