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Giants' radio play-by-play voice Bob Papa, who is over in London covering Olympic Boxing for NBC, and his on-air partner Teddy Atlas have been banned from the boxing venue by the IOC. They will have to call the remaining bouts ?from the broadcast center in London.

The reason for the ban is unclear, but it is suspected the IOC was not pleased with Papa and Atlas' criticism of the Olympic boxing system and it's rules. From the AP....

Papa and Atlas have been critical of how international boxing rules, including the requirement of headgear for boxers and a point system based strictly on how many punches land, have turned the Olympic matches into "fencing with gloves."?

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The draft is over, Eli and company have finished up in Hoboken, and the players are locked out. That means there's not much to report on the second Sunday in May (with the exception of the developing story out of Albany posted below this one). But this is football, these are the New York Giants, and no matter what Rex Ryan says, the Giants always matter around here. Here's a look at a?few stories:

Gary Myers?defends the Giants and?thinks?that Rex Ryan's insecurities are being revealed when he talks about the Jets being the big brother: "I've said many times Ryan is quite entertaining and his trash-talking and speaking from the heart is refreshing compared to so many NFL head coaches. But he's on the verge of a credibility issue here. At some point, the Jets have to win the Super Bowl or nobody is ever going to take him seriously. And he doesn't further his own cause by belittling the Giants, an institution in this town." NY Daily News

Bob Raissman says that the NFL Network?disrespected Bob Papa by making him audition for his job, then replacing him with Brad Nessler: "This was despicable and gutless, too. If NFLN honchos wanted to fire Papa, which they obviously did, why not just immediately tell him his services were no longer needed? Instead, they dragged him through the mud, humiliated him." NY Daily News

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We hope not.

According to the Daily News' sports media columnist, Bob Raissman, the NFL Network may be looking to replace Bob Papa as their in-game play-by-play announcer. The NFL Network currently broadcasts pre-season games and eight prime-time night games during the regular season (mainly on Thursday nights).

Papa has been the Giants' radio announcer since 1995, replacing the legendary Jim Gordon. He was hired by the NFL Network to handle play-by-play in 2008.

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How many people want to talk Giants football today??? I am very confident that half the tri-state area would love to talk, listen and debate NY Giants football. ? But that isn't going to happen.

If you use WFAN in New York as a barometer...the on air hosts and the PD have decided that baseball is more important.?? Losing Cliff Lee will dominate sports talk radio in the New York market up until the talking heads are forced to discuss Giants vs. Eagles this upcoming Sunday.? This morning I even heard one host ask a caller how he could possibly stay awake during last nights Giants game.


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Neil Best of Newsday is reporting that Giants radio play-by-play announcer Bob Papa will be taking over for Bryant Gumbel in calling Thursday night NFL Network games.

Best reports that the new gig will not interfere with Papa's Giants work or his boxing duties at HBO's Boxing After Dark.

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