Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Fight

In case you missed it, during Wednesday night's battle up in Boston against the Celtics, with 29.5 seconds remaining in the first half and the Nets leading the Celtics by a score of 51-35, Kris Humphries fouled Kevin Garnett. Humphries made slight contact with Garnett's face and Garnett fell to the hardwood.

Rajon Rondo took exception and attacked Kris Humphries. The skirmish ensued which resulted in three ejections. Humphries and Rondo were both tossed for their role in the brawl and Gerald Wallace and Kevin Garnett were each given technical fouls.

Unfortunately for the Nets, Gerald Wallace picked up a technical foul earlier in the game for arguing a non-call and picked up his second technical during the skirmish. Both he and Humphries were ejected for the Nets. For the Celtics, Rondo was tossed and Garnett was called for a technical foul.

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