Jeane Coakley sits down with the media boycotter Bart Scott to discuss the media's treatment of the team and the gameplan for Pittsburgh.


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According to Adam Schefter, the NFLPA is instructing top draft prospects not to attend the NFL draft.

The NFL Players Association is putting into place a plan that would prevent each top college prospect from attending next month's draft in New York, according to multiple league sources. The NFLPA already has contacted 17 top prospects that ordinarily would have received an invitation to attend the draft and informed them not to go.
This is just getting out of hand. ?To me, it feels like the bickering of elementary school kids. Next, the owners will respond by un-friending the players on facebook.

Hearing your name called by the commissioner, walking up to the podium and holding up a #1 jersey is a great moment for the players selected, and it's going to be extremely awkward to watch an NFL draft with no players attending. It's just another casualty in this pathetic battle of egos and greed. ?At least maybe the draft will go quicker...

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