Brad Smith

One of the most intriguing collegiate players entering the NFL July supplemental draft is Terrell Pryor. There are more articles and opinions circulating the Internet as to where he may land, than one could hope to read in on rainy Saturday. Of the articles I've managed to get through, a recurring theme present in?analyst's opinion of Pryor, is that?he fits the?Kordell Stewart mold. He possesses the physical attributes to help a team in many different ways. The best comparison I can make to a current Jets player, is Brad Smith, who happens to be a free agent.

They compare similarly in their game, both?were mobile quarterbacks in college,?but Pryor has the physical edge. Brad Smith checks in at six feet two inches and 212 pounds. Pryor comes in at six foot six inches and 233 pounds. In looking at their production at the collegiate level, they're are some differences. Pryor's passing numbers?are impressive with a 144.6% QB rating, compared to Smiths 114.1%, many could say he played with a better supporting cast. The flip side of that argument is that Pryor played in the tougher conference, against staunch defenders. In 33 games at Ohio Pryor amassed 57 passing touchdowns and 26 interception with 2,164 rushing yards and 17 rushing touchdowns. Smith by comparison left Missouri with 56 passing TDs, 33 interceptions;? 4,289 yards rushing and 45 rushing touchdowns. In looking at numbers alone you can see that Smith was a far greater threat on the ground than Pryor, but the former Ohio signal caller can more than hold his own.

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