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Nov 9, 2017; Newark, NJ, USA; New Jersey Devils center Brian Boyle (11) celebrates after scoring a goal during the first period against the Edmonton Oilers at Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports (Ed Mulholland)
Nov 9, 2017; Newark, NJ, USA; New Jersey Devils center Brian Boyle (11) celebrates after scoring a goal during the first period against the Edmonton Oilers at Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports (Ed Mulholland)

Devils center Brian Boyle said Wednesday that the cancer he was diagnosed with last September is now in remission. (NHL.com)

The 33-year-old announced the good news after receiving the results of his latest blood test on Monday. Boyle, who was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia on Sept. 19, 2017, was initially told by doctors that full remission could take up to 18 months. Instead it took just over 13 months.

"A test (BCR-ABL1) looks for the leukemia cells in your blood and when I was first diagnosed, it was at 75 percent," Boyle said, per NHL.com. "At the end of last season, it was at .08 percent, and in July I was .04 percent. The results showed all zeros on Monday. It's full molecular remission, and I feel really good. It was kind of the way the progression was happening the last few tests. When I told my wife, she was excited and got emotional.

"The game plan has been working well, and now I'm just going to continue with it. It was good news, but it doesn't change a whole lot for me and I'll continue taking the medicine." 

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5/17/15 | 7:09AM: Boyle's agent was telling Glen Sather up to July 1 that he had an offer of $3 million on the table for Boyle and Sather went in another direction. (Rangers Report)

5/15/15 | 10:39AM: Brian Boyle left the Rangers as an unrestricted free agent and signed a three-year deal worth $6 million with Tampa Bay his past offseason.

Boyle was looking for a bigger role from the Rangers and had indicated that he wanted to stay.

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Former Rangers captain Ryan Callahan said that returning to Madison Square Garden for a playoff game as a visiting player will bring up a lot of emotions. (TB.com)

Callahan said that he is excited to return to MSG as a visitor and that no matter who the opponent is, Tampa has an opportunity to move on the Stanley Cup Final. (TB.com)

Brian Boyle said that the Rangers are standing in the Lightning's way of advancing to the Stanley Cup Final. He said that he is sure the Rangers see it the same way. He said that it will be fun to return to MSG and it will be a new experience be at MSG in the playoffs as a visitor. (TB.com)

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4:04PM: Boyle said that he never really got an offer from the Rangers and "if you're not wanted, you're not wanted." He said that he was waiting for something from the Rangers since the season ended and when Tampa called they jumped on it. (NYT)

3:50PM: Boyle spoke with the media today and said:

  • Kevin Hayes has a lot of talent, works hard and Boyle wishes that he had hands like Hayes does. (NYR)
  • He is a fan of the game so he still watches the Rangers. (Ranger Rants)
9:50AM: Boyle said that he won't be surprised with any reaction that he gets. He said that he tried to do everything as well as he could with the Rangers so he doesn't care what kind of reaction he gets. He said he will go out and play his hardest to get Tampa the win. (Tampa Bay.com)

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11/16/14 | 7:59PM: Dan Girardi said that it will feel "a little different" playing against Callahan. (Newsday)

9:49PM: Stralman said that the three haven't talked much about it but if there is any game they want to win it's tomorrow. (Newsday)

Callahan said that he doesn't know what kind of reception they will get but he is excited to go back and play at MSG. (Newsday)

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8/16/14 | 8:30AM: Brian Boyle said that he loved his time with the Rangers but felt it was time to move on when he didn't really get an offer from the team.? (Patriot Ledger)

Boyle said that there was some talk with the Rangers but got the feeling that they didn't really want him back. (Patriot Ledger)

He said that he is "excited" about the move to Tampa and "I just thought maybe it was time to try to go somewhere else and see what we can do." (Patriot Ledger)

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Against Tampa Bay on January 14, Brian Boyle hit Victor Hedman into the boards hard and Hedman was down for a little before going to the bench.

Following the game, Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper said that he had to give credit to Boyle for letting up a bit, "I've got to give Boyle a lot of credit for being a hockey player in the game and not trying to hurt somebody." He added that most players would have run Hedman through the wall. (WSJ)

When asked about how he goes about hitting, Boyle said that you are never trying to end someone's career and that preventing injuries to opponents, as well as suspensions for him, is his priority. He added that the ultimate goal of board play like that and hitting is to try and get the puck back. (WSJ)

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7/8/14 | 8:25AM: Boyle said that he always had his eye on Tampa Bay. He adds that Ryan Callahan really sold him on Tampa Bay and that the chance to play with Callahan again and for a team that looks good made the choice easy. (TBO)

7/7/14 | 8:47PM: Brian Boyle said that he and his wife jumped at the idea of joining the Tampa Bay Lightning "as quick as we could" and called his new situation in Tampa Bay a "home run." (TampaBay.com)

Boyle is replacing Nate Thompson as a "fourth-line type defensive-minded forward and strong penalty killer" which he said is his "bread and butter." (TampaBay.com)

He said that Ryan Callahan was "raving" about living in Tampa and Boyle took his word for it in deciding to sign down there. (TampaBay.com)

The Rangers reportedly didn't make much of an offer to Boyle and he turned down more money from the Maple Leafs. (TampaBay.com)

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Yesterday, both Brian Boyle and Anton Stralman signed in Tampa Bay and joined their former captain, Ryan Callahan.

Tampa GM Steve Yzerman said that Stralman can play a lot of minutes, is a reliable defender and most importantly a right hand shot. He said that Boyle fills a hole at center, is big and is a good penalty killer and defender. (TBO via PHT)

Yzerman also said that he sought advice from Callahan about his two former teammates and to make sure they would fit into the Tampa locker room. Yzerman said that Callahan provided a "wealth" of information."? (TBO via PHT)

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7:13PM: Boyles' agent said that other teams were interested but TB was the best fit and Boyle's new wife is from Tampa. Toronto offered more than TB did. (McKenzie)

5:39PM: Boyle's cap hit is $2 million. (McKenzie)

5:28PM: Brian Boyle has signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning for THREE-YEARS and a cap hit of $2.3 million per season. (Bob McKenzie)

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7/1/14 | 12:21PM: Boyle has a five-year offer. (Larry Brooks)

6/30/14 | 9:33PM: Boyle has not been offered a contract from the Rangers and that his agents asked for a deal that he can get elsewhere but that is out of the Rangers price range. (NY Post)

6/30/14 | 11:36AM: Boyle is planning to test the market tomorrow. (Katie Strang)

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Unless a "dramatic and unexpected change" occurs, Brian Boyle, Anton Stralman and Benoit Pouliot are all likely to leave the Rangers and become unrestricted free agents tomorrow at Noon. (Larry Brooks)

The Penguins are expected to make a push for Pouliot. (Larry Brooks)

The latest on Stralman was that talks between he and the Rangers were not going as planned.

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Brian Boyle said today that he would like more responsibility and a bigger role with his new contract. (Dan Rosen)

Boyle's quote was, "Hopefully I can stay but I haven't put too much thought into it. Everyone knows how I feel about the Rangers and New York and what Glen and Schoeny have done for me. I want to make an impact, have more responsibility sometimes. There is a lot that goes into it but this is where I want to be." (Lohud)

Boyle has repeatedly said that he wants to stay with the Rangers.

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Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers deep playoff run may have changed how they approach re-signing their free agents this summer since the values of some players may be too much for them to bring back. (NY Post)

Brooks says that the Rangers players have paid a price to get to the Stanley Cup Final and the management team will have to pay higher prices to keep this group together. (NY Post)

He says that Brian Boyle has shown his value to the team but will be sought after if he goes to UFA on July one. Anton Stralman will need to be paid to avoid free agency, Dominic Moore will need a "tidy" increase to keep, Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello will need multi-year deals to avoid arbitration and make them eligible for UFA in 2015. (NY Post)

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Brian Boyle joined Mike Francesa at 3PM on WFAN:
  • What were you thinking getting ready for game six, "That was the goal, we wanted to take care of business on home ice and let one slip that we weren't used to in the playoffs. We wanted to get back to playing and give ourselves the best chance. Sometimes the bounces don't go your way and it's a different story but we knew we could play better than we did in game five."
  • On the third period, "we were stingy and that has been a staple of our team. We have Henrik who is the best there is. We are fortunate to have him and when we are skating with our systems we don't give up a lot and that is what bothered us the most about game five. We had plenty of chances lat night to get more but it didn't happen and when it came down to it, we buckled down."
  • On the goal, "it started in our end. G made a pass to Dom Moore, I was on the right, I put it in the zone and Dorsett kept it in the zone, we worked it around for a while and I went to the far post, McDonagh makes a great read, Dom yelled for it and I put it to an area I thought he was at. He handled a rolling puck and made a great shot past Tokarksi who played great."
  • On Tokarski, "He should be proud of the way he played, that is a lot of pressure coming in and when a guy like Carey Price has a gold medal, goes down, he played great. WE got to him though when we needed to. He kept them in the game and should be proud of how he played."
  • On Dom Moore, "He is an inspiring guy. He really is. What he has been through, just the way he approaches every game. The story is becoming more and more known, it really is amazing. I remember being in High School and watch him play at Harvard and I always thought he was a great player. WE have become very close. Off the ice he has been a big part of helping me this year and we have bonded and become a pretty good line."
  • Have the story lines helped, "we have tried to be supportive of one another when we can. Some guys have had to deal with things that you never want to see, terrible tragedies and we wanted to be supportive. We hurt with them and it speaks to them. We have had trades and different thing and it ruffles some feathers and we react and we have become close and support of one another and the celebration and the hugs last night, it was a very real moment that was very special and I will never forget."
  • On being a "money player," "it's nice to hear, it's a lot of fun to be in these situations and I am very blessed to play in NY and be part of a team with such great guys. Growing up as a kid you are aware of the Original Six but the Rangers are something else and my life, away from the rink I am truly blessed. Hopefully we can continue to play well."
  • Do the playoffs change you, "This year, I kind of learned not to worry as much and do it better and they aren't asking us to score every night. We get on a roll and it's almost like you try and enjoy it and you can win or lose and tomorrow is tomorrow but during the playoffs, for whatever reason you go out and play and it's a lot of fun."
  • On the PK, "We have come together with that and Ulf Samuelsson and Henrik who is the biggest part. We have a great group of guys and have gelled together pretty well."
  • On what is different between AV and Torts, "He wants to play four lines and he harps on that. Short shifts, sometimes when you play four lines, 30 second shifts, he demands a lot. He has been pretty even keeled throughout the whole thing. With Tort,s he helped me a tremendous amount of my mindset. He has helped me a ton to become a player that can play in the league everyday. AV has brought in a calming influence, play with speed and whistle to whistle and nothing else."
  • It hasn't sunk in yet. We have to get back to practice and prepare for who we are playing and it will get real."
  • Will you watch tonight, "I will watch it as a fan, I got enough worry and stress and now we can enjoy and take it all in and we can't control so we just let it go."
  • On the Kings, "guys I played with are there and I was happy when they won but when the puck drops it's different."
  • On playing for a new contract, "it was probably more on my mind during the season and maybe trade deadline. Things happen and deals are up and guys get traded and in a salary cap league different things happen and I am trying to do my best and I hope they want me to stay because I love it here."
  • Do you want to say, "absolutely, 100%. I have made that pretty clear. It's close enough to home and my mom is here now and my dad was at game four. A lot of pros to it and this group here."
  • Did you have hope being down 3-1 to Pitt, "It was a weird feeling because we were so disgusted with how the last few games had went and we knew we had a lot more and people were counting us out and angered us more. We were angry with ourselves and took it one game at a time and different things happened and we kept that fire and we won 5 and then 6 and then looked around at 7 and we haven't looked back since."
  • Who do you want to play, "I can't answer (laughs) I'm sorry."
  • Is it weird to know who you aren't playing, "maybe that is why it hasn't sunk in because we don't know what the next challenge is and it will be tough but we don't know who it is so we will wait and see."
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Brian Boyle joined The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio at 3:15PM:

  • Is it tough to not be overconfident, "we need to make sure that we are focused and ready for game three. We come back from being down 3-1 and our worst game of the season, we know how quickly things can turn and we need to keep our foot on the gas."
  • On Carey Price being out, "I don't think it's that big of a deal. He is a Gold Medal winning goalie and a big part of their club but that is for them to worry about, we need to worry about what we need to prepare and what we need to of. You don't go down and think about who you are shooting on, the plays happen so fast, it's just something that is worthless to think about. It is what it is and we expect the goalie to play against and that is the way it always is."
  • On Chris Kreider, "absolutely, a great way to put it. He worked so hard to stay in shape, he is a specimen and he worked so hard to come back at top speed, your timing is off and the pace is elevated and he has been huge for us. His speed, his strength and momentum with big hits and he has gotten on the scoreboard and that is big for us."
  • On playing center, "It's something that I have always played. I never played much wing before this year, I have grown more comfortable with it but getting back int he middle is fun, you are in the thick of things and our line did a great job."
  • On the response to their goal last night, "it was huge. We weren't playing well and it could have been 2-0 or 3-0 without Hank's heroics. We tried to play a simple game and get the momentum back. Mac did a great job of handling a bouncing puck and yea, we got a fortunate bounce but from there I think it's a big play that we needed. What can you say about Mac, the last few days he has been unbelievable after they fought so hard to get it. They kept coming but we got better as the game went on."
  • On shot blocking now, "if it's late in a close game you do what you can and if there is a penalty to kill, that is a big part, blocking shots. They got some crafty D with heavy shots. Everyone has bought int and for us we have four lines that we can keep turning them over and the most important shifts in our end and we are all willing to take hits and block shots."
  • On PK Subban's shot, "you just try and get in the lane and hope that it hits you where you are padded up. The technology is light and durable and sometimes you get it in a tough spot and you just hope that it doesn't hit you in the face."
  • On PK Subban saying Hank is getting lucky, "he can think what he wants it doesn't matter to me. Hank is on a different planet right now and the best I have ever seen right now."
  • On being with Marty on Sunday, "I can't imagine trying to do something that he did. He was so perfect being able to go french to english to french and he had the whole room obviously. The way he spoke was so amazing and it shows how great of a family that he has. You can tell that he was raised right. I could never do it. He is a special guy that guy, he is pretty impressive."
  • Did you think the season was over when down 3-1, "You had to see it coming, you had to know and believe it otherwise we would have been out. We had the leadership, the guys who have been through a lot in their careers and spoke up and we took it one game at a time and our focus was there. We stuck together and being down 3-1, we have been down 3-1 before and it's a different feeling. We were angry and knew we had more to give."
  • What was said in the game four meeting, "it was guys like Marty and obviously Richie and Hank, Dom spoke up. It was a lot of things I just said. You need to see it happening, believe in ourselves as a team and a lot to discuss with how we played. We were not happy, we were beyond it and I had never seen a team so upset and so upset the next day after one game. From there it was simplified. That wasn't the team we thought we were and it was one of the worst games we have played all year."
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Brian Boyle joined Boomer and Carton on Thursday morning at 9AM:

  • On what it meant to rally around Marty, "First of all, win or lose it was a pretty important moment, I don't think it's something many of us have gone through with teammates and hopefully not many have been in his situation but it's tough to speak for Marty. He has come in and be a team guy and a leader and fit in with this team and wants to be part of it and win. It's just an amazing guy and to see someone who was so well liked, so quick, go through that tragedy, it was tough on all of us."
  • What went on in the locker room after game four, "we were...I guess embarrassed is the best word. We were so upset with how we played and how we were playing to that point. I've never had a loss carry over like it did for that long, even into the next day and the practice, guys were pretty down. You didn't know if it was good or bad but it was probably pretty good. That loss stuck with us because we had a 1-0 lead in that series and gave it away and then some to go down 3-1. We couldn't get out of our own way in game four. We had a closed door meeting and pretty much aired it out and said that we are a better team and we weren't giving ourselves a chance and to play that far, from training camp in Banff and 82 games and a playoff series already. It wasn't fair to ourselves and everyone to a man demanded more of ourselves and it's impressive how we responded. Marty was probably the first one to speak up after game four and just by showing up for game five, he was speaking pretty loud too."
  • On playing at MSG, "That is harder to answer. On the road it's kind of how we played in game 5, 6,7 we simplified some things and that is how we play on the road. Greasy road games and we need to bring that to our building. Simplify things, get some big hits to bring the crowd into it. I don't know if it's about trying to do too much or not being comfortable at home but in game six with our backs against the wall we were pretty on point and the crowd was unbelievable, it was a fun one to play in."
  • Craig Carton says that Crosby is a "douche," "He has a little edge to him, I will say that."
  • Carton then says that Wayne Simmonds is a douche but "aint that good."
  • On Crosby's antics, "it was good and encouraging for us to see since we saw him get off his game and he normally doesn't do that and that was by committee and the number of guys making life hard for him. It was good that we got in his kitchen like that."
  • On PK Subban and blocking his shot, "I think it's just been what guys have done in NY since I have gotten here and it's what I have learned to do and as a PKer if you get in front of those you hear about it from your teammates and the coaches love it. You have a lot of pads on, first of all...hopefully not too many from Subban and we can limit his time and space."
  • Do you try to hit the net in practice, "believe it or not I can hit the net in practice pretty well."
  • Boyle, "I didn't know that Boomer played his whole career without throwing an interception."
  • Carton: On getting satisfaction by advancing without that "lunatic" Tortorella yelling and screaming, "no, Torts was my coach and he taught me a lot and I was pretty close with Torts too. It's a different team now and we are playing well for AV. It has been a lot of fun but there is no hard feelings at least from my end."
  • Did you sense AV was letting you off the hook because of the schedule, "no, honestly, I have never seen guys that tired. We don't use anything as an excuse and he said first and foremost that we could do more but I didn't think he was trying to take a bullet for us, he was telling it like it is and he is pretty good at that too."
  • On getting Hank to win in the Bell Centre, "Hank's fine."
  • Carton calls Brad Richards a "selfish bastard" because he won't give him some shirts.
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Through five games, Brian Boyle has one goal (empty netter), 2 assists, 18 hits, 6 blocked shots and an average of 11:59 per game.

Boyle is averaging 2:27 per game on the PK, first for forwards on the Rangers, and starting 50% of his shifts in the neutral zone and 25% each in the offensive zone and defensive zone. (ES)

He is on the ice for 46% of the Rangers shorthanded time which is third behind Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi. (ES)

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Brian Boyle joined The Michael Kay show at 4:45PM:

  • On thinking Yanks/Sox during the game, "I told JR (Rangers PR) not to have you guys bring that up...that was a tough one. What was it 9-3?...it's early yet. We should talk again in August."
  • How big was last night, "game two they came harder and we knew that they were going to and we carried that into Philly because we weren't particularly happy with how we played, especially with the lead at home. It was an emotional game and hugely important that we got game three in their building knowing that we have to go back there again on Friday."
  • What did you do wrong in game two, "I don't know, it might have been human nature. We had the game plan down and we executed on an early PP, we scored another goal, are up 2 and we shouldn't have assumed they would let up if we did, they came hard and got a goal by Voracek and you wanna get the win and you think you are playing okay. It's funny in the playoffs how momentum can change and it's tough to get it back."
  • On playing more of a Flyers/physical style, "it's a man's game and there is a lot of pride that goes into it and you want to win and ultimately you will have to sacrifice and take a few punches but we all have ego and pride and it was an emotional game, maybe a bit more than we wanted it to be but we are going to stand up for one another and we will stand up for ourselves and we don't want to feel like they are going to take advantage of ourselves. It's a fine line and we need to walk it carefully and not cross over, a few times it could have gotten more out of hand than it did but we were quick to step back and kill off some penalties and try to create and we had some goals."
  • On being more physical and adding Carcillo, "he supplies a lot, he has a lot of skill, I think he has underrated skill. We see it, he has some championship pedigree, he was on that Chicago team and has played on a number of successful teams and that was big, he provides us with an emotional spark. Playing hard and playing mean, you can still do that playing whistle to whistle and in the playoffs everyone is running into everyone every chance you get. They are physical and it's a tough game whistle to whistle as it is and the stuff after a lot of times is theatrical and not much going on. It looks more than what it really is and we need to stay out of it."
  • What has clicked in for Marty St. Louis, "I would have to assume, I know Marty a bit from before but not too well. He was a great addition to the room as a leader and what he has done in his career is remarkable. He puts so much pressure on himself and he is such a competitor and it's a big change, he moved his family back up here but it's a big change to come in on a playoff run and battle for positioning and what is expected of him. It took a little while. His chances were there but all facets of his game are great. He spent so much time in Tampa and you come to a new city and new bunch of guys and as the train is rolling it can't be very easy."
  • Do you know what the fans are doing/saying after Carcillo scores, (laughs) "I was trying to take it all in, that was rare. To see the emotion like that and how it played out was pretty funny. We weren't happy with the call that went against him. He is a target with how he plays and he had another call go against him earlier when he gave Giroux a little bump. He is coming in and wants to do well and that was a good feeling for him. I gravitated toward him because he scored and that is what you do, what played out after was pretty funny....he is pretty good at getting under people's skin."
  • Will it be tough to root for Revis in a Pats jersey, "not at all. If he can produce for him, they lost Talib so they needed some more depth and I think he will be a huge addition."
  • On rooting for former rivals who are now Pats, "for the most part, it's all about the wins. Just win baby, that is all you gotta do, that can cure a lot of things and the answer for a lot of things."
  • Do these days off hurt, "It's a little different but we played, after the break it seemed like we were playing every other day, but we had a bit of time off to regroup. These games have been physical and some extra time can't hurt, a day to shut it down. I am doing a whole lot of nothing, 4-5 hours of TV today and downloading new shows on the iPad right now....I think you are doing a little Dan Carcillo trying to get under my skin about Yanks/Red Sox."
  • Boyle and Kay then go back and forth about whether or not Kay would be bringing up the Yanks win if they had lost last night.
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4/8/14:4:08PM: Boyle tells the Daily News that he loves New York and would like to remain a Ranger. (Daily News)

3/24/14: 4:25PM: Brian Boyle is using his expiring contract as motivation to help himself play better as the Rangers push for the playoffs. Boyle said that he asked about an extension but was told the Rangers wanted to "push it back."(NY Post)

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Late in the second period Brian Boyle and Mikhail Grabovski were going towards the corner to find the puck. Boyle appears to slip or be taken down by Grabovski whose momentum takes him toward the net.

As Boyle fell the puck went underneath him and Martin Erat, who was trailing the puck a bit, stuck his stick between Boyle's legs as Boyle closed them on the puck.

Erat lifted his stick, the ref seemed to indicate to play the puck, Boyle opened his legs a bit to show the puck and Erat jammed his stick into Boyle's groin. The whistle blew and Erat was called for a slashing penalty or as Dave Strader put it, "Boyle took a slash from Erat where nobody wants to be slashed." Strader added, "we will wait to see if penalties are called and whether or not they are, that isn't fair."

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Brian Boyle has two goals in his last two games after not scoring for two months, dating back to November 6th.

Dave Maloney said that Boyle is a real solid PKer and faceoff guy. The past few days, when asked about Boyle, Alain Vigneault has mentioned that he is a valuable penalty killer for the Rangers.

Boyle is ranked 38th among forwards in average time on the PK per game with 2:12.

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6:35PM: The Rangers aren't really shopping players outside of Boyle and Del Zotto (Darren Dreger on TSN 1050)

3:50PM: The Rangers would like to move Michael Del Zotto and/or Brian Boyle (Pierre LeBrun on TSN 1050).

Boyle is someone who could be moved out West (LeBrun)

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Brian Boyle is playing 14:42 per game this season and has 1 goal and five assists.

Boyle has 41 hits, 2:22 average on the PK and is 57% on faceoffs, having taken the second most after Derek Stepan.

Extra Skater says that Boyle starts 49.2% of his shifts in the defensive zone, 32.3% in the neutral zone and 18.5% in the offensive zone.

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Brian Boyle joined Boomer and Carton this morning on WFAN:

  • ?The difference from Torts to AV...will it be better for the team,? "It remains to be seen. Torts helped us out in a lot of ways but a different voice in the room can be a good thing. So far the guys are comfortable with AV and the guys are happy."
  • On starting the season with so many games on the road, "I think it helps that we didn't play in the Garden in the preseason, it's some challenging, we were in Banff, Alberta for five days which is beautiful but it's a long way from home. I think we have become pretty close as a team and I think this trip will be a good way to become even closer and start the season on the right foot."
  • On if there will be more scoring this year, "I think that is the goal. It won't be pretty goals which benefits someone like me. The room behind the net, it's a small little change, bu the room you have to grind away and muck it up will be huge for us. We have a team that can protect the puck and crash and bang and it's something we put emphasis on in training camp and it's something a lot of teams are gonna want to do. As long as we protect Hank and can create havoc in front of the other teams net it will be helpful to us."
  • On blocking shots, "I think we will still be blocking a bunch of shots on the PK, where teams have clean lanes, but our defensive style has changed as we are going to try and take away plays before they get to the points. We probably won't give the point men time to tee off and blast it away where as in the past we would kind of pack it in."
  • (Craig Carton interrupts and says "lets say this Brian. You guys were sick and tired of Tortorella. The message got old. You were tired of the douchiness of him, saying that Hagelin sucks and everything else and it's a breath of fresh air to have a coach who will appreciate what you are doing and foster good feelings throughout the locker room and bring you more wins under Tortorella. It's okay to come out now and say that you hate the guy."
  • (Boomer says, "They aren't going to say that. I think Brian recognizes, like a lot of us do, that Tortorella brought a lot to this team and a lot of it was....he brought Brian here, Brian you were one of Tortorella's whipping boys for a while last year, he sat you down and the next thing you know you show up in the playoffs and become a significant player. I would imagine those are considered head games for players and are those part of Vigneault's repertoire as well?"
  • Boyle's response, "Well listen, everyone is different in home they run a team. The way that Torts ran it, he wanted to get the most of out of guys and? he did it the way that he thought was best. AV has been different in his approach, he has talked with the players and met with them one on one in how they think they can help the team. He is a great communicator with how he talks to us."
  • On "what the hell is going on with Chris Kreider," I think he really wants to be successful so badly. He is trying to figure it out. He has a ton of talent and really wants it so bad. It's not for a lack of effort. there were some preseaon games where he was pretty good. He isn't far away and will be back with us for sure. It won't be for long. I went through the same sort of thing when I was coming out of school and it's confidence, when he gets a little bit of that he will be good to go and a tough guy to stop."
  • On expectations for this year, "We have confidence in ourselves and we had expectations last year that we want to meet.
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In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Alain Vigneault is thinking about shifting Brian Boyle to the wing during some of the Rangers upcoming preseason games so that he can get a look at how he performs in that position.

Vigneault said that he likes what Boyle has done in the middle, but with the Rangers deep at center he wants to see him on the wing.

Boyle played wing a little bit last season.

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During the Rangers intrasquad scrimmage on Sunday, Brian Boyle had two goals and drew praise from Alain Vigneault who said that Boyle did everything well on Sunday and was strong with and without the puck and took the puck to the net. .

He said that Boyle has been asking questions and trying to get on the same page as the coaching staff so that he can be at this best.

Vigneault said that he loves Boyle's demeanor, that he wants to win and that he views him as a center and not as a winger.

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Brian Boyle, Rangers, The Right Way

In the Rangers intrasquad scrimmage yesterday, Brian Boyle scored two goals for Team White but Anton Stralman scored the winner with 2.7 seconds left.

Following the game, Alain Vigneault said that one of the things he really liked about Boyle was his desire to win.

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In an interview with Edmonton Radio, Glen Sather was asked about the status of Brian Boyle and whether teams have been calling about him.

Sather said, "I have had a lot of requests for Brian's services but I am not anxious to trade him. He is a good player, a good team guy and he still has an upside to go with him. He is one of those guys that you may regret trading if you do and I am not anxious to do anything with him at this time."

Boyle is a UFA at this season and has a cap hit of $1.7 million.

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In the NY Post Larry Brooks writes that Brian Boyle could be vulnerable due to the Rangers retaining Brad Richards and Boyle's cap hit of $1.7 million.

Boyle is in the final year of his contract and will be a UFA come next summer.

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In an interview with the NY Post during the playoffs, Brian Boyle told Larry Brooks that his preparation for this lockout shortened season was clearly not at the level it needed to be at.

He said that it wasn't intentional by any means, but when the lockout ended he wasn't where he needed to be and when the season started he was behind.

Boyle was scratched for a total of four games this season, including a three game stretch in early February and one game in early March where he said he wanted to flush the first 20 games down the toilet,

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In the Rangers 2-1 loss to the Bruins last night, Brian Boyle took 21 faceoffs and won 4 of them.

Boyle was 2 for 13 on defensive zone draws and told Katie Strang, at ESPN NY, "we were in our own zone for way too long because I couldn?t win a friggin? draw."

Boyle added that it was "infuriating" that in the biggest game of the year he didn't play better.

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Brian Boyle joined the Michael Kay show earlier this evening.

  • Which is louder: Knicks or Rangers, "From my experience, I would say Ranger games for sure. Knicks are different atmosphere but I have only been to a couple of Knicks games."
  • On hearing the crowd, "When I was out with an injury we had game seven against Ottawa and it was louder than I had ever heard it. That was louder then I have ever heard it and it may have been louder than I had ever heard it if I was playing, but usually you are so focused in the game you don't notice the crowd as much. That being said, this time of year you hear the crowd before."
  • On a game seven on the road, "Everything is heightened in a game seven, they just mean more. The little details can thrown it one way or the other. It's tough to play on the road no matter what. I try not to think too much about it but it's definitely an advantage to play at home."
  • On increased scoring, "There were posts in games one and two, there were chances to score. I think we have had more success on the power play with a shoot first mentality. We have been in their zone a bit more in the last two games. That is a direct result."
  • On taking a deep breath or still lots of pressure, "if you take a deep breath it will be over before you exhale. We were in a hole at 0-2, it was certainly gutsy how we played but that is what you need to do to win. We want to win the series, it's a big goal but first thing is first and that is game five. We need to know it's going to be another war."
  • On being so hard on himself, "I should probably pay more attention and have more positive body language. These are the most fun games and you want to be at your best, you hope to limit the mental mistakes. You just want to play for one another. The room we have is unbelievable, it's a privilege to play for this team. I want to go as far as we can. It wasn't a secret that I had a tough regular season, I want to make up for it as best I can. I want to contribute as much as I can."
  • Don La Greca clarifies that the body language isn't bad, but more "stay away from this dude," "you gotta have a bit of an edge. It's a competitive thing and everyone wants to play a perfect game."
  • On getting a pat on the back from Torts, "it's kind of an awkward feeling to get a pat on the back. You don't know what to say. He is hard on his players in a good way. He pushes us to levels to levels where the first time you hear what he is demanding you think he is crazy bu with the training camps we go through and you come out of it a better player, you realize that there is a method to it. The way he pushed me this year wasn't easy, but we are grown men. When you aren't living up to your end, everyone has something on the line here. We want to exceed our expectations. If you aren't pulling your weight you are going to hear about it. That being said, he doesn't do it to lose you he wants you to keep getting better and better. There are ways to be pushed and it's definitely motivation."
  • "I am starting to like the Mets more and more. Matt Harvey is becoming a buddy of mine and I am impressed with what he is doing."
  • Boyle said that last year he had something wrong with his elbow that really limited his game.
  • On the Matt Harvey connection, "I met him through a few buddies from BC during the lockout. He is a CT kid, a fan of the Ranger. I knew he was fast tracked to the majors. He is just a great guy and really easy to root for."
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Brian Boyle was injured on April 16th against the Flyers and returned to the Rangers lineup last Friday for game two against the Capitals.

In game two, Boyle had 18 shifts and played 11:29. He was 44% on faceoffs

  • First: 3:34
  • Second: 2:23
  • Third: 3:37
  • OT: 1:55
In game three, Boyle played a season high 20:42, had a goal, an assist and was 66% on faceoffs.

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For the first time since he was injured against the Flyers Brian Boyle took part in a Rangers practice.

Afterwards, Boyle said that it felt good to be on the ice and it was a positive step for him.

Boyle was non-committal when asked if there was a time table of when he could return and only said that since it's the playoffs he wants to be out there.

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In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Brian Boyle has not yet been cleared to skate after suffering an injury and missing his fifth straight game last night.

Boyle has a right knee injury but is feeling well enough to do some off-ice training without the help of the brace that he has been wearing since he left the game against Philadelphia.

The last report on Boyle came last week when John Tortorella said that he would miss the next two games.

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5:52PM: John Tortorella told Katie Strang that Boyle will miss the next two games.

11:05AM: According to a tweet from Steve Zipay, Brian Boyle has a lower body injury in and will be out indefinitely.

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The Rangers have announced that Brian Boyle will not return to tonight's game.

Boyle hobbled to the bench after taking a hit on the Rangers power play in the first period.

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On Thursday, the NHL announced a partnership with the You Can Play organization.

On the partnership, Brian Boyle told the Sporting News "Once you get rid of that mindset of prejudice and things like that with people that don't agree with certain things for whatever their reasons are, you start to get a culture of acceptance and hopefully years down the road it becomes a non-issue, something you don't even have to think twice about. Everybody is welcome to play, and whatever their differences are from you, if they love the game and want to play, they should be able to play."

Boyle, at Ranger Rants, added "It?s a simple mantra, if you can play, you can play.We have to understand that everyone who loves this game has the right to play the game and that shouldn?t be questioned.?

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3:28AM: Boyle sent out the following tweet


8:34AM: Last night in the Rangers win over the Maple Leafs, Brian Boyle was named the third star of the game.

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Following the Rangers win over the Capitals, Brian Boyle conducted an interview with Pierre McGuire.

According to Pat Leonard, when the interview was over, Boyle entered the Rangers locker room to big cheers from his teammates.

Ryan McDonagh, who gave Boyle the puck that led to his goal, told the Daily News, ?I was so jacked when he scored.?

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Yesterday against the Capitals, Brian Boyle scored his first goal since game three of the Rangers opening round series against Ottawa.

Brian Boyle told Pierre McGuire after the game, "a lot of times I agree with the assessment of my game. I know I can play better."

John Tortorella said during the game that Boyle, unlike games where "you can't find him," made a difference for the Rangers in their win over the Capitals.

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2:40PM: John Tortorella told the NY Post after practice that Boyle needs to be better in all aspects of his game.

Boyle told The Post that he is ready to play tomorrow.

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This season, Brian Boyle has zero goals and one assist in 12 games.

The last time Boyle scored a goal, it was the game winner in game three of the Rangers first round playoff series against the Senators.


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In his return to the Rangers lineup, Brian Boyle played 16:54, had five shots on goal, two shots blocked and one that missed the net. Boyle also had eight hits and was 9 and 7 on faceoffs.

Joe Micheletti said on MSG that Boyle looked quicker, was more active and it was apparent early on that John Tortorella wanted to give him a lot of ice time.

Boyle was moved up in the third period to center Ryan Callahan and Marian Gaborik.

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After being scratched the previous three games, Brian Boyle returns to the Rangers lineup tonight against the Islanders.

Boyle said this morning that he wants to play and "it sucks not playing. Now I'm playing so I am happy."

He added that jump in his game or motivation has never been an issue for him, "I gotta play better. I gotta go out and play hockey and not worry about anything else. I can do it, I have done it before and I need to do it again."

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