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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? Jets starting right tackle Austin Howard knows a different side to Wayne Hunter.

He is of course the most polarizing man on the Jets last year not named Brian Schottenheimer and fans loved to abuse and ridicule Hunter. The Jets starting right tackle last year, Hunter had his ups and downs last year and graded out as the worst lineman on the team, seemingly often victimized off the edge with a good pass rush. But Howard knows a different side to Hunter, who was his mentor and friend.

And on Sunday in St. Louis, Hunter and Howard will meet again on opposing teams. Hunter was traded to the Rams this season for jumbo tight end and reserve offensive lineman Jason Smith.

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With the Jets offense flailing these past few weeks, the alignment of the football stars seem to suggest that if Schottenheimer is out, offensive line coach Bill Callahan will be in.

David Ferris thinks that Rex Ryan is trying to sell Schottenheimer to other teams:

Maybe it?s the power of suggestion at play. Perhaps Ryan feels that if he talks about Schottenheimer as a hot coaching candidate, the perception will become reality.

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In case you're interested, here 10 minutes of Brian Schottenheimer talking to ESPNRadio about the performance of the offense the day after the Chargers game.
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Yesterday, during his press conference, coach Rex Ryan mentioned the coaches he'd met with during the week in order to discuss the flagging offense:

We?ve had some meetings. I?ve had some meetings, not that I?ve got all the answers, but I can listen. I?ve had Mark [Sanchez] in with me, I?ve had different combinations in there. I?ve leaned on Bob Sutton, leaned on Bill Callahan, Westy [Mike Westhoff], and gotten some of their input, and we?ll see what happens. So if we don?t start fast, I?m going to blame Westhoff. I mean, I think that?s pretty much it this time.

The media was quick to pick up on the fact that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was notably absent from that list. What could it mean? Is Rex Ryan cutting Schottenheimer out of offensive conversations?

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So what exactly happened within the team to send Derrick Mason packing? If you buy the Jets' official line, and what Mike Tannenbaum has said, then it's merely a question of performance and money. Tannenbaum's quote soon after the deal was made was that Mason "just didn't play the level that he had hoped and we had hoped." And so Derrick Mason was demoted against the Patriots in favor of rookie Jeremy Kerley and traded away two days later.

That explanation doesn't sit well with a lot of people. For instance, Plaxico Burress, who said this on Wednesday:

?My production hasn?t been all that great either,? Burress said yesterday. ?Santonio?s production hasn?t been all that great either. So you can?t just point at one guy. You can?t just say it was his production.?
In a post made on Thursday, Eric Manassy took this issue and ran with it, calling out Kerley's stats vs Mason's. In five games, Mason has made 13 receptions for 115 yards and no touchdowns. Kerley has started only one game and has had three reception for 35 yards and a touchdown. Manassy assumes that Kerley's performance could only have been what the team has seen in preseason.

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