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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? There was hurt and perhaps a sense of betrayal felt by Jets linebacker Bryan Thomas on Saturday when the team ? his only team during his 11-year NFL career ? cut him to bring on board cornerback Donnie Fletcher.

Deep down, Thomas of course knew it wasn?t permanent and he knew he would be back. His locker was never emptied and the nameplate still read ?Thomas? on Monday afternoon, showing that the intent of the Jets all along was to bring the veteran back onto the 53-man roster. On Monday, Thomas told the media he was ?Pissed? when the Jets originally cut him, even as he understand that it was a move based on the need to temporarily open a roster spot and not an indictment on him.

But truth be told, Thomas never envisioned signing for any other team while he was a free agent for about 48 hours.

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Bad news for the Jets today. Not only will their star cornerback Darrelle Revis not be cleared to play, starting outside linebacker Bryan Thomas and starting tight end won't make the trip to Pittsburgh as well. Let's address all three?separately.

CB Darrelle RevisImpact:?Revis is the straw that stirs the defense's drink. ?His ability to effectively lock down one side of the field allows Rex to deploy a safety into other uses - be it run support, pass rush, man coverage on another receiver or to make zone play that much easier. ?Because of his lingering concussion issues, he's not going to be ready to play this weekend and that's a huge blow to the Jets. ?Facing The Young Money Crew the Jets are going to be hard pressed to keep up with their receivers and a QB who can extend plays. ?Unfortunately, the rest of the cornerbacks?aren't fully healthy as Isaiah Trufant (now the 4th corner) is still recovering from an injury as well.

Remedy: There's no perfect remedy here. ?The Jets would be wise to take their chances with Cromartie on Wallace. ?Cromartie is fast and tall enough to keep with Wallace much of the time and that will leave Wilson on a mix of players, be it Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders and even some Cotchery. ?Ellis Lankster and Josh Bush better be ready to play a lot of snaps as a potential nickel/dime ?players for this team and be solid in coverage. ?The Jets defensive line also better have the game of their life, limiting Roethlisberger's time to throw with their base four and to drop as many bodies into coverage as possible.

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After his injury in last week's loss to the Ravens, Bryan Thomas has been officially placed on the injured reserve list. In his place, linebacker Eddie Jones has been signed from the practice squad.
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