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We continue our salary cap Q&A with Jason Fitzgerald (read Part One from yesterday) from OverTheCap.com. ?We asked Jason some questions about how the team is faring under John Idzik and what lies ahead in this two part article. Today, overall thoughts on John Idzik and?will the Jets get that third rounder from Tampa?

TJB: Revis is getting his $16 million in Tampa and that ship is sinking quickly. ?We don't expect that Revis will be back with the Jets in 2014, but how likely is it that the Bucs would cut and then re-sign Revis to save themselves a round on the 2014 draft pick they owe the Jets?

Jason Fitzgerald (OverTheCap.com):?I think the Bucs could cut Revis but it will not be to re-sign him. If they release him its them admitting he is way overpriced and isn?t bringing enough value to the team. I think it will be an interesting situation there because I can almost guarantee that by late December or early January Revis? side is going to the Tampa front office and asking them to prorate some of his salary to give him more job security. Tampa did this with two players last year, including Vincent Jackson who is repped by the same guys who represent Revis. However that was done in preparation to make a run at Revis in 2013. I?m not sure how they would take that kind of request now when their team is in shambles.

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With the Jets on the bye, we thought it would be a good time to look ahead at the Jets upcoming offseason and get an early look at what we can expect in terms of direction and plans. ?In the NFL, the salary cap drives those plans and there's no better person to talk to than Jason Fitzgerald from OverTheCap.com. ?Jason started tracking the Jets cap in 2008 and turned NYJetsCap.com into a respected portrayal of the Jets cap. ?Eventually Jason decided to cover the entire AFC East and then the entire NFL last year under the banner of Over The Cap.

We asked Jason some questions about how the team is faring under John Idzik and what lies ahead in this two part article. First up, how do we grade the 2013 offseason and how much space can the Jets expect to spend on free agents?

TJB: Since there's not much left to do when it comes to the Jets current cap year, how do you think new GM John Idzik did in navigating his first offseason?

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