Carmelo Anthony carmelo Anthony verses Kevin Durant

Via Bleacher Report
Those who love and live for sports enjoy nothing more than arguing about things that have no clear cut answer. And asking who "the best" is at anything is often futile. Being dubbed "the best" is subjective, especially when comparing individuals whose existence never overlapped. Ultimately, the question as to who is "the best" is one whose answer will be determined by what the opinion owner holds to be most near and dear to their subconscious.

If you go by rings, it's Bill Russell. If you go by leadership qualities, it's Magic. If you go by legend and legacy, it's Jordan. If you go by stats, it's Oscar.

But for sure, you can't sit back and claim one player is better than another if there is absolutely, positively no objective basis for doing so. You need?something.

That's why the recent allegation of?Carmelo Anthony?being the most overrated small forward in the NBA is a contention that is laughable at best. It might be appropriate to suggest that the nameless offenders that are responsible for starting this mess?whose intention was to generate traffic and water cooler talk?deserve to be tarred and feathered.

I had a massive debate this time last year on twitter. Durant was able to take a few steps forward this year in terms of the playoffs, so right now he has a slight edge because he's a bit better defender, although it's not nearly the wide?margin people would lead you to believe. The ball is in Melo's court, when he gets the chance, to move back in the lead of this debate, but the points attached are well-thought and strong.
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