clay matthews

1. Aaron Rodgers

The man who succeeded Brett Favre in Green Bay is set to return after missing a game and a half with a concussion. After a breakout season in 2009, Rodgers is again proving that he was worth the wait. He has thrown 23 touchdowns to ten interceptions with a 65.4% and a QB rating of 98.5

Rodgers is certainly no Michael Vick, but he's actually one of the better rushing QBs in the NFL. The 6-2, 225 pounder has rushed for 13 touchdowns dating back to 2008. I'm not suggesting the Giants should have someone spy him, but they should just realize that they need to worry about more than his rocket arm. The Packers' run game as a whole is pedestrian, so Rodgers may actually be their biggest threat on the ground.

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