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Jason Kidd is keeping it simple, and his players are very happy.

Stefan Bondy reports that Kidd has simplified both the offensive and defensive schemes, and his players are happy and thriving. Deron Williams told Bondy that Kidd gets his points across quickly, while also mentioning it might have been best for Kidd to divorce himself of Lawrence Frank:

[sny-box]?I mean, Lawrence was always kind of the defensive guy, so he was talking on defense and he was definitely long-winded when it came to teaching, so I definitely think it?s helped [that Frank is no longer around] We?re a veteran group, so we get things pretty easily. So at times when you?re just talking and you?re not practicing, it gets a little lengthy. But I think J-Kidd does a good job of getting his points across quick and easy and then we move on.?[/sny-box]

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