Giants? defensive tackle Chris Canty was activated from the PUP list today in anticipation of tomorrow?s game against the Washington Redskins.

As a corresponding move, the team placed running back Da? Rel Scott on injured reserve.

With Rocky Bernard still out with a quadriceps injury, Canty?s return comes at an opportune time. Rookie Marcus Kuhn has played well in Canty?s absence, but maybe the veteran Canty will stabilize a defensive line coming off a good week.

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I was at the game on Saturday and I when I wasn?t playing find Jen Sterger I was making sure to pay extra special attention to our new NT Kris Jenkins and I must say I was extremely impressed with him. First off he is just plain huge, you see him amongst the other D-Linemen and there really is no comparison. But more important then his size is the way he commands double teams from linemen.

He was double teamed on every single play that I watched, including pass plays and he held his own. Unlike D-Rob he was not trying to penetrate he was just taking on the center and the guard and freeing up the linebackers. He is one reason that the D-Line was looking much better, even without Ellis playing end.

When we talk about the success of this defense and the high priced linebackers like Pace, BT and now Gholston, the reason they can do what they do is because we have Jenkins clogging up the middle. So when you watch our defense this year pay extra special attention to #77.

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