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  • Woody knows fans want changes [NFL.com]
  • Will CJ "tear it up" against his old team? [NY Post]
  • Wilkerson/Richardson/Mangold in pro bowl mix [NJ.com]
  • Rex would rather face Mettenberger than Locker [Titans Insider]
  • Harvin "definitely" playing? Rex calls it "a stretch" [TSN]
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  • Simms: Geno > Every 2014 rookie QB [NY Post]
  • Cimini grades 2013 free agency with 5 of 7 moves D or lower [ESPN NY]
  • What did Mike Pettine learn from Rex? [Star Ledger]
  • Rex and Rob discuss mullets and the family business [Jets Official Site]
  • Cooper's deal likely means Tate and Sanders won't get $6m+ [Over The Cap]
  • Projected salary cap drops back down from $135m to $132-133m [USA Today]
  • Could Sean Gilbert's masterplan lead to an NFL work stoppage? [PFT]
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  • Breakout season for Chris Ivory? [Yahoo!]
  • Tough sledding for Cro coming off injury plagued season? Nah... [Star Ledger]
  • Interview with new LB coach Bobby April III [Jets Official Site]
  • Geno struggled with accuracy - except on deep throws [PFF]
  • Examining the options for the right side of the line [ESPN New York]
  • Getting to know WR prospect Mike Evans [Star Ledger]
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  • Be sure to check Corey's Twitter feed for all his media day fun yesterday. [Twitter]
  • The Super Bowl barbs have begun! [Star-Ledger]
  • Cro said he enjoyed this past Pro Bowl the best. [NewYorkJets]
  • Eric Decker isn't concerned about free agency just yet. [Newsday]
  • Jonathan Martin sat down for an in-depth interview with Tony Dungy. [NBC Sports]
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  • Dee Ford showed his stuff at the Senior Bowl. [USA Today]
  • Seven reasons to watch the Pro Bowl. [NewYorkJets]
  • An in-depth look at former Jets executive Dawn Aponte. [Miami Herald]
  • Former Jet Jerricho Cotchery is enjoying becoming a mentor. [NY Post]
  • Did Richard Sherman's rant earn him some sponsorships? [USAToday]
  • Half of Americans are idiots ... the other half are football fans. [AP]
  • Graz waxs poetic on Peyton. [ESPN]
  • Jimmy Graham hopes the Saints don't tag him. [SI]
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  • Sammy Watkins will be long gone by the time the Jets pick. [ESPN NY]
  • Five standouts from last night's NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in LA. [CBS Sports]
  • An account of Connor Shaw's Collegiate Bowl. [Philly]
  • More details on the game from TSN. [TSN]
  • Garoppolo lived up to the hype at the Shrine game. [NFL]
  • The East's defense at the Shrine Game looked dominant. [ESPN]
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  • Jets weren't among the most feared. [ESPN]
  • Tampa has hired former STC fill-in for the Jets, Kevin O'Dea. [Yahoo!]
  • More on Winslow's arrest. [Star-Ledger]
  • LaRon Landry preps for the Pats. [NewYorkJets]
  • The Flight Crew will be auditioning again. [NewYorkJets]
  • An eight year old will represent the Jets in the finals of the PPK competition. [Newsday]
  • Finding Douzable was a good move for the Jets. [TheJetPress]
  • What should the Jets do with all their cap room? [Jets Twit]
  • Danny Woodhead is excelling in San Diego. [Star-Ledger]
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  • Geno Smith' is turning his teammates into believers. ?[NY Post]
  • Smith has a nice first homecoming as a pro. [Miami Herald]
  • Good grades handed out to the Jets. [NY Post]
  • The Jets made the right call in keeping Rex. [Metro]
  • Tannehill can't explain late-season woes. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Rex's locker room speech. [NewYorkJets]
  • For anyone who wants to call the Jets a circus? Try Cleveland. [Deadspin]
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  • Black Monday looms. [NY Times]
  • Serby crams as many puns as possible into an article about keeping Rex. [NY Post]
  • If Rex is getting a reprieve, then the team is making the right decision, writes Florio. [PFT]
  • Today's game for Miami is one of the biggest in a long time. [Miami Herald]
  • Tommy Bohanon talks about his rookie season and Idzik's "advanced scouting" of him. [Star-Ledger]
  • David Nelson praised Rex's personal touch. [NY Post]
  • Three matchups to watch today between the Jets and Dolphins. [Star-Ledger]
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  • Maybe we haven't seen the last of Rex? [WSJ]
  • Milliner stepped up and over Josh Gordon. [Record]
  • Is Smith finally coming around? [NYDN]
  • Geno's game forces more debate. [NY Post]
  • Rex refused to address the report on his potential firing. [WCBS]
  • David Nelson Only needed one inspiration. [NYDN]
  • Calvin Pace has his first season with double-digit sacks. [Record]
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  • Myers predicts Ryan won't return in 2014. [NYDN]
  • Watch these matchups in today's game. [Star-Ledger]
  • What's at stake today? [Record]
  • Mayock thinks there's plenty of room for growth with Geno Smith. [NY Post]
  • Smith and Simms talk about working together. [Record]
  • Hakim: I'm faster than my brother. [Star-Ledger]
  • Pace wants to play out his days in New York. [New York Jets]
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  • The incredible transformation of Sheldon Richardson. [Star-Ledger]
  • Bring Rex back if he wins today. [NY Post]
  • The importance of a win! Now with 200% more photoshop nonsense!! [NYDN]
  • Can the Jets defend Steve Smith? [Star-Ledger]
  • Q&A With Chris Pantale. [Star-Ledger]
  • The road has been unkind to the 2013 Jets. [Record]
  • Talking Sanchez talky talk. [NYDN]
  • Q&A with Sheldon Richardson. [NY Post]
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  • The Jets have their first good game since New Orleans. [NY Times]
  • Geno had quite a day on air and ground. [NY Post]
  • Politi argues that Ryan was right to stick with Geno Smith. [Star-Ledger]
  • Ed Reed enjoyed pick #62, but enjoyed the win more. [NY Post]
  • The receivers helped out their quarterback. [NY Post]
  • A mixed day for Mr Reed. [Record]
  • Better grades for the Jets this week. [NY Post]
  • Antonio Allen's block provided a spark the team bady needed. [Record]
  • Palladino asks if the win was enough to save the coach. [CBS NY]
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  • The Jets benching of Geno Smith didn't stem the tide. [NYDN]
  • The Jets are searching for answers at the QB spot. [NY Post]
  • David Garrard is ready whenever. [Metro]
  • Ryan Tannehill looked like the second coming on Sunday. [Newsday]
  • Milliner was benched after the Wallace touchdown. [NY Post]
  • Dee Milliner doesn't have any excuses for his play. [Metro]
  • Kellen Winslow saw limited time against the Dolphins. [NY Post]
  • Based on these grades, the Jets look like they will need to repeat some classes. [Newsday]
  • Both Rex Ryan and Geno Smith will face uncertain futures. [NYDN]
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  • The Jets are looking to protect Geno as much as possible from mistakes. [Record]
  • The receivers know they need to pick it up. [NY Post]
  • Cro didn't practice again. [AP]
  • Rich Gannon talks about Geno Smith. [NY Post]
  • Sheldon Richardson loves playing for Rex. [NY Post]
  • There's a lot up for grabs this weekend. [Finsiders]
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  • Costello: Resentment could return to Jets locker room [NY Post]
  • This is a playoff team? [WSJ]
  • Can Jets rally against struggling Ravens? [CBS New York]
  • Wilkerson: Jets can still be a playoff-caliber team [AP]
  • Running game is key on both sides of the ball [Jets official site]
  • Kotwica goes from frontline to sideline [Metro]
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  • Playoffs?!?! [Wall Street Journal]
  • A quick summation of the game. [Record]
  • Geno summed up his play as 'awful.' [NY Post]
  • Geno is still a rookie, writes Manish Mehta. [NYDN]
  • Canny says the D&B's trip is looking pretty bad right about now. [NY Post]
  • This performance shouldn't be the final word for the Jets. [CBS NY]
  • Rex's press conference. Sad Rex is sad. [NewYorkJets]
  • Some dumbass slid down the banister the third level at the Bills game. ?Shockingly, it didn't go well. [NY Post]
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  • Stephen Hill is remaining patient. [New York Times]
  • Three things to watch as the Jets take on Buffalo. [Metro]
  • Geno's grown as the ground game has improved. [NYDN]
  • David Nelson has a little extra motivation against his old team. [Metro]
  • Rex thinks his front seven could be good for a long time. [NewYorkJets]
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  • An upside weekend in the NFL. [SI]
  • A midseason grade for the GM. [ESPN NY]
  • Stephen Hill says he is not frustrated. [ESPN NY]
  • Fit can be just as important as talent. [Football Outsiders]
  • The Panthers are legit. [SI]
  • What does the Locker injury mean to the Titans? [USA Today]
  • Wayne Chrebet embodies playing like a Jet. [Scout]
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  • Has Rex Ryan earned a contract extension already? [Huffington Post]
  • Former Jet gives must-read insider account of being an outsider on an NFL team [B/R]
  • McManus: This year's Super Bowl will be "the worst ever" [ESPN NY]
  • Myers: Former Jet Chrebet "dives headfirst" into new career [NY Daily News]
  • Ex-Jet (and Giant) Leonard Marshall diagnosed with CTE [Star Ledger]
  • New jersey? Not for most Jets fans [WSJ]
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  • Jets fear Kerley elbow injury is serious [Fansided]
  • Allen, McIntyre and Pace all injured during game too [ESPN NY]
  • Salas and Sudfeld step up to boost depleted receiving corps [Star Ledger]
  • Milliner responds to benching with his best performance of the season [Star Ledger]
  • Ivory has his best game against old team [Times-Picayune]
  • Rejuvenated Rex in jovial mood after Ryan Bowl win [USA Today]
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  • Chris Ivory named FedEx Ground player of the week. [NewYorkJets]
  • Kerley is quietly thriving. [Record]
  • It doesn't matter where QC lines up. [Star-Ledger]
  • Holmes will sit again. [Star-Ledger]
  • Can the offense be productive without Holmes? [CBS NY]
  • Brett Favre has a hazy memory now, says the QB. [Star-Ledger]
  • If you are Greek and not a Jets fan, maybe you should be. [Huff Po]
  • Willie Colon knows what to expect from this line. [NewYorkJets]
  • Jets? O-Line?s Tough Task Against Bengals: Protect Geno Smith [WFAN]
  • Week 8 Prediction: Jets at Bengals [ESPN NY]
  • Mo Wilkerson wins appeal for hit on Titans quarterback Jake Locker in Week ?[NY Daily News]
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  • Cromartie's not making excuses. [Record]
  • Will teams go after Cro now? [NYDN]
  • After a week of high hopes, the Jets had a tough time against the Steelers. [WSJ]
  • Boomer & Carton react to the loss. ?[WFAN]
  • The Steelers knocked Geno off his game. [NY Post]
  • Geno will take a lot of lessons from this game. [Metro]
  • The Steelers offense goes wide. [Post-Gazette]
  • Should we have seen the letdown game coming? [CBS NY]
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Tags: Daily Links, Brian Bassett

  • The Jets had a "fearless" team on Monday. [SI]
  • Geno's game-winning drive. [Metro]
  • Is Geno coming of age? [NY Times]
  • Geno and Wilkerson were the stars of the game. [NY Post]
  • Geno's great week started with an apology to the defense. [SI]
  • Geno led the Jets to the win. [NY Post]
  • Are the Jets contenders? [NFL.com]
  • Spotlight on Geno's night against the Falcons. [NFL.com]
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  • Steven Jackson is out against the Jets. [Ledger-Enquirer]
  • Milliner will be out against the Falcons. [WCBS]
  • Jets still see Tony Gonzalez as a tough threat to defend. [NY Post]
  • Wilson and Kerley loving life in the slot. [Star-Ledger]
  • Jets-Falcons game preview [NewYorkJets]
  • Fans defend Tone's response the other day. [NYDN]
  • Goodson is back on the roster. [Record]
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  • Wilkerson is set to make an appeal if necessary. [NY Post]
  • Depth players are getting more reps. [Star-Ledger]
  • The penalty issue is getting the old-school treatment. [Record]
  • The Jets draft strategy makes it hard on the offense. [NY Post]
  • Milliner is ready to work through his troubles. [NYDN]
  • Holmes is going to miss a few weeks. [NY Post]
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  • Ryan says his team was beat in every phase of the game. [AP]
  • The flags kept coming on Sunday. [NYDN]
  • Faced with a larger role, Darrin Walls struggled to step up. [Record]
  • Kellen Winslow passed 5000 yards receiving on Sunday. [NewYorkJets]
  • It was a rough day for NYC football. [WCBS]
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  • Bilal Powell is all business. [CBS]
  • Will today be a real truth-teller for who this Jets team is? [NY Post]
  • Three things to watch in the Titans game. [Metro]
  • Punter Ryan Quigley is looking forward to today. [NewYorkJets]
  • Tommy Bohanon ready to take on a larger role. [Metro]
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  • Damon "Snacks" Harrison is the focus of the Serby Sunday Q&A. ?[NY Post]
  • Kevin Armstrong writes an excellent in-depth look at Jets DC Dennis Thurman. [NYDN]
  • Geno and Rex make the Jets fun to watch, writes Lupica. [NYDN]
  • Spiller and Stevie will be top of mind for the Jets defense. [Newsday]
  • The spotlight will be on the rookies today at MetLife. [NY Post]
  • Differences and similarities abound between the rookie QBs. [Newsday]
  • The quarterbacks better prepare to stand tall. [NY Post]
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  • The Jets D is readly for Spiller. [NYDN]
  • Ryan has a bit of a thing for first round draft picks. [NY Post]
  • Revis is totes happy in Tampa. [USA Today]
  • Looking ahead against the Bills. [Record]
  • The Jets receivers need to pick it up. [NY Post]
  • Tony Junior still works for the Jets. [NY Post]
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  • Geno plays well in his first game. [WSJ]
  • Geno showed poise and toughness. [Star-Ledger]
  • Holmes returned to the field yesterday. [Metro]
  • Jets fans gave Revis a mixed review in his return to MetLife. [USA Today]
  • Revis took a light workload as he continues his recovery. [NY Times]
  • Rex says the Jets have to get better, quick. [NewYorkJets]
  • Lavonte David says he believes Geno was fair game. [PFT]
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  • Bart Scott calls some on the Jets beat, "jerks." [CBS NY]
  • Damon Harrison's path to the NFL. [NJ]
  • Which New York team could be in the MetLife Stadium Super Bowl? [NY Post]
  • Sanchez is supposedly out for the Week 1 matchup. [NJ]
  • Update coming Wednesday on Sanchez. [NJ]
  • LaDainian doesn't expect Mark to be a starter again. [USA Today]
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  • Re-visiting the play on which Sanchez was injured. [Star-Ledger]
  • What did the Jets learn from their preseason game? [WSJ]
  • Obomanu and Spadola showed up for the receivers Saturday night. [NewYorkJets]
  • Are the Jets scrambling now at the QB spot? [NYDN]
  • Harrison was a breakout player on the defensive line. [NewYorkJets]
  • The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a Super Bowl storm. [Star-Ledger]
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  • Should the Jets extend the olive branch to Long Island? [ESPN NY]
  • Jeff Cumberland talks about his spring practices and summer plans. [NYDN]
  • Manish Mehta previews training camp on NFLN. [NewYorkJets]
  • How valuable are scrambling QBs in fantasy? [ESPN Insider]
  • Willie McGinest is still bullish on the Patriots in 2013. [WEEI]
  • Is Johnny Manziel hurting his draft stock? [Yahoo!]
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  • Herm is keeping his eye on Dee Milliner, among other rookies. [ESPN]
  • Geno not attending Jets West. [NYDN]
  • The offense needs to turn the tide. [NY Jets]
  • Are there reasons for hope? Rich Cimini thinks there's at least five. [ESPN NY]
  • No players in the supplemental draft. [ESPN]
  • Kerry Rhodes says he is considering four teams for 2013. [AL.com]
  • The Seahawks released WR Charly Martin. [ESPN NFCW]
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  • Calvin Pace talks about his 'firing' by the Jets. [Metro]
  • Garrard hits the retired list. [PFT]
  • Hill was back on the field yesterday. [Star-Ledger]
  • Joe says stuff about the Jets. [NYDN]
  • Jets saying all the right things. [Star-Ledger]
  • Sanchez's confidence was shot in 2012. [NYDN]
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