dallas clark

It would make for a nice story. TE Dallas Clark playing catch for years with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, then moving on to New York to do the same with Eli.

Clark was cut by the Colts this week and will be available to negotiate with any team beginning this Tuesday. In normal circumstances, a team experiencing a dearth at TE (such as the Giants) would be chomping at the bit to sign him.

These aren't normal circumstances, though. First off, the Giants don't have much maneuverability under the cap and if they did, they wouldn't dedicate much money to a player coming off back-to-back injury-shortened seasons.

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The Giants must key in on stopping these three players if they want to win Manning Bowl II.

1. Peyton Manning

When facing the Colts, the #1 priority is always stopping Peyton Manning. ?Playing from behind most of the game, Peyton was in top form in week 1 against the Texans. ?The Colts abandoned the running game, and the Texans still couldn't slow down Manning. ?The Giants' secondary will have their hands full with the deepest receiving core in the game, but stopping Peyton starts with the defensive line. ?If their defensive line comes out flat, the Colts could have 21 points at halftime.

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