Deron Williams Disses Mark Cuban

As if D-Will hasn't found himself in our headlines enough over the past few days... Mark Cuban got around to responding to comments Williams made yesterday, when he said that Cuban's absence when Williams met with the Mavericks last summer during his free agency contributed to his deciding to say re-sign with the Nets.

It'll be interesting to see if Williams has a response tomorrow, but check out what Cuban had to say...

Mark Cuban

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Josh Newman, SNYNets.com

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.?? After practice on Monday, while Deron Williams was meeting with the media, the topic of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was brought up. The Dallas Mavericks were the Nets' only real threat to lure Williams away when he was a free-agent last summer. But when the day came for the Mavericks to sit down and discuss their long-term plan with Williams, Cuban was absent.

When asked whether he took offense to the fact that Cuban was absent for such an important meeting, Williams put the situation into perspective and had some very interesting thoughts to share.

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