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If the Jets didn't have faith in Mason's production, it's possible they thought he was a better fit in Houston's system. The "conditions" of the draft pick they received from the Texans are as follows:

If Mason catches 33 or more passes, the Jets receive a seventh-round pick in exchange for the veteran wideout. If Mason catches 32 or less passes while with Houston this season, the Jets will receive nothing in return.
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So what exactly happened within the team to send Derrick Mason packing? If you buy the Jets' official line, and what Mike Tannenbaum has said, then it's merely a question of performance and money. Tannenbaum's quote soon after the deal was made was that Mason "just didn't play the level that he had hoped and we had hoped." And so Derrick Mason was demoted against the Patriots in favor of rookie Jeremy Kerley and traded away two days later.

That explanation doesn't sit well with a lot of people. For instance, Plaxico Burress, who said this on Wednesday:

?My production hasn?t been all that great either,? Burress said yesterday. ?Santonio?s production hasn?t been all that great either. So you can?t just point at one guy. You can?t just say it was his production.?
In a post made on Thursday, Eric Manassy took this issue and ran with it, calling out Kerley's stats vs Mason's. In five games, Mason has made 13 receptions for 115 yards and no touchdowns. Kerley has started only one game and has had three reception for 35 yards and a touchdown. Manassy assumes that Kerley's performance could only have been what the team has seen in preseason.

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