Derrick Morgan

It is difficult to administer a solid grade for Jerry Reese?s 2010 personnel moves because there are less qualitative results to look at and hopefully Reese isn?t finished making those moves. What I will look at is how I think the players project on the team, how much sense the pick seems to make, and what I think Reese passed on.

1) Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida ? Just playing GM in my head, I can think of a number of different ways I would have played this pick. Reese could have gone BPA and taken Derrick Morgan, giving the team a great backup LE, who offers the same kind of element as Big Mike Strahan, including run stopping ability and leadership. He could have gone need and reached a little bit for Sean Weatherspoon to play MLB. Spoon is a projected 10-year starter and another player that offers strong leadership and even a little swagger, a la Antonio Pierce. Instead Reese drafted a third RE, and a very raw one at that, a raw one with high bust potential. Go figure. How good does that aces front look if Tuck and Kiwi slide to the middle and Morgan and Osi are on the outside? I?m just saying? I certainly could be wrong and if this was a team with no needs I would be much more okay with this pick, but as of right now, I hate it: F

2) Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina ? I like this pick, but why not Taylor Mays, the safety that was projected to go top 5 last draft season? If you ask me what unit I think needs the most help from last season, it?s unquestionably the safeties, especially considering Phillip?s long-term outlook. Mays, so far has proven his biggest fault is that he actually listens to his coaches. Unfortunately that was Pete Carroll at USC last season. Under The Great Mike Singletary Mays appears to be blossoming? so far. At any rate Joseph is a solid pick. He won?t contribute this season as DTs usually are quiet year one, but he?ll make a name for himself in no time and keep the middle solid: B

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