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That's right. Philadelphia PR DeSean Jackson's game-winning punt return against the Giants on December 19, 2010 has been voted The Greatest Play in NFL History by NFL.com's readers. This ultimate insult of a play beat out 49ers QB Steve Young's TD scramble vs the Vikings in 1988.

Like all Giant fans, this play will be lodged in my brain for the rest of my life. It was a play that never should have happened, as we all know. I was in the press box that day and what really burned my @$$ was having to endure some members of the Philly media, who were jumping up and down like a gaggle of grade school girls at a Justin Bieber concert. What a disgrace.

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It would have taken nothing short of a miracle for New York to make the playoffs this year, a situation this team positioned itself in by failing to find any semblance of consistency the entire season.

Still, the Giants came out of the gate firing.

In what would eventually prove to be their final contest of the year, the G-Men demolished the visiting Eagles, 42-7, begging the question -- where has?this been all season?

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If you were to look at the NFC East standings, you would find the Giants in the cellar.

But based solely on what we?ve seen from these teams on the field and in their wins and losses, the standings do not accurately reflect where I expect these teams to be ? come say, Thanksgiving.

  1. 1.???? Philadelphia Eagles (3-1): This is essentially a formality. The Birds have the best record in the NFC East and recently beat New York. Wins over Baltimore and New York are hard to argue against, despite how close they were. October has just hit, and Michael Vick can still work out the wrinkles of the offense. LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are still three of the best playmakers in the league. And the defense has made tremendous strides under Juan Castillo from year No. 1 to 2.
  2. 2.???? New York Giants (2-2): The Giants could be 3-1 right now if not for a controversial play call and two missed field goals. The big question mark hovering over Big Blue, however, is that their two wins have come against Carolina and Tampa Bay, two teams that have struggled tremendously on the defensive side of the ball. Eli Manning will keep the Giants in most games, but Hakeem Nicks is a vital part of the offense and his presence will be missed. The banged up D will also hurt, especially by Week 6 when the Giants face a stretch of San Francisco, Washington, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.
  3. 3.???? Dallas Cowboys (2-2): Let?s not drop the Boys to the worst team in this division because Tony Romo threw five interceptions on Monday night. Romo is still a top-10 quarterback, and this year the defense has been the best in the league defending the pass. In the bye week, I expect Jason Garrett to work out the kinks between Romo, Dez Bryant and the rest of the Cowboys offense. But their next five opponents ? Baltimore, Carolina, New York Giants, Atlanta and Philadelphia ? is a make or break stretch in their schedule.
  4. 4.??? Washington Redskins (2-2): The Skins are second in the standings after a month, and they?ve taken the D.C. area by storm. Robert Griffin III is exactly what fans and scouts expected ? a true pass-first quarterback who can make plays with his legs. And he?s doing it right away. Alfred Morris has been a pleasant surprise, too. But their defense is horrid. Opposing quarterbacks have averaged 326 yards v. the Skins, and that simply won?t cut it in this league. The Skins are definitely more competitive than they have been, but until their defense can amount to their offense it?ll be hard to keep pace in this division.

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It?s time to play Monday Morning Quarterback.

The Eagles? 19-17 win last night said more about the Eagles than it did the Giants. Entering the contest, it felt like the much-maligned Eagles were winless when in fact they were 2-1 with a victory over the Baltimore Ravens in their back pocket.

A win is a win, and that?s how Philly survived Baltimore and Cleveland. A lopsided defeat at the hands of Arizona, however, stirred up the questions surrounding the Eagles.

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Tynes' Last-Second FG Falls Short

The much-maligned Philadelphia Eagles entered Sunday night?s game 2-1, but it was their escapes against Cleveland and Baltimore in Weeks 1 and 2 and their failure to show up in Arizona that left a cloud of doubt hovering over them.

Of course, the Giants knew they would get their best effort in primetime Sunday.

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Despite both the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles owning 2-1 records, these teams appear to be in different stratospheres right now.

After losing the opener to the Cowboys, the Giants have reeled off two straight wins over the Bucs and Panthers. The Eagles, on the other hand, skid by the Browns Week 1, beat the Ravens and fell to the undefeated Cardinals last week.

Records aside, the panic level in Philly is warranted.

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? The story of Jets wide receiver Clyde Gates was supposed to be told on the hardwood and not the gridiron.

Meet the soft-spoken and shy Gates, a second year wide receiver who last year played 15 games in Miami. Gates is one of the unheralded names in a Jets locker room filled with stars and superstars but like so many of the lesser known players on this team, his story is intriguing. Prior to college, he played just one year of high school football and saw no future in it.

The story goes that Abilene Christian football head coach Chris Thomsen came to visit Bernard Scott, the Bengals running back, at home one evening and Gates was there along with his brother. Thomsen offered Scott the chance to play college football and Scott encouraged his cousin to go to college with him.

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Giants special team's coach Tom Quinn has been on the carpet several times in his NFL coaching career, but none more notable than after the Giants' meltdown vs Philadelphia last Dec 19. If you recall, that was when the Eagles' DeSean Jackson took a Matt Dodge punt and raced past the coverage to daylight, sealing a record-setting comeback and burying the Giants' season.

What went wrong on that play? Quinn says just about everything.....

"The snap, the punt, and the coverage. It was very poor tackling. It was a poor punt and the snap didn?t help. That?s my job to have the snap where it?s supposed to be and the punt where it?s supposed to be and the coverage where it?s supposed to be."

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From charged.fm...Today we are looking at two of the best receivers in the NFC East, DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles and Hakeem Nicks of the New York Giants.?Jackson will be entering his fourth season and Nicks his third but both have already established themselves as top receivers in the NFC. Jackson helped get the Eagles into the playoffs with an electrifying punt return against the Giants. Nicks and the Giants could only sit and watch the playoffs as they just missed the cut at 10-6.

But you'll be surprised who the better receiver is.....

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With no end to the lockout in sight, NFL players around the league got into trouble this weekend.

  • Friday - DeSean Jackson of the Eagles uses a number of gay slurs on a Sirius XM radio show. He has since apologized
  • Saturday - Steeler Hines Ward is arrested and charged with a DUI in Georgia in the wee hours of the morning
  • Sunday - Another arrest, this time of Bengal Pacman Jones at a bar in Cincinnati for being intoxicated and disruptive
NFL players are probably getting incredibly anxious as we enter the last month before the season would be starting. I wouldn't be surprised if we continue to see more outbursts of bad behavior if this lack of progress in talks continues. I hope we don't see any of this kind of thing from the Jets.
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With the Albany conundrum put to rest, the whole Giants organization can take a deep breath. The move just wasn't doable this year.

Logistically, it made no sense. There is too much housekeeping to do down here. Uprooting an entire organization 150 miles north at the drop of a hat was just too tall a task. Especially if your organization is, well, disorganized.

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DeSean Jackson's Week 15 Punt Return vs Giants Voted Top NFL Play For 2010

In New York, the Giants' Week 15 collapse vs the Eagles has been called "infamous".? In Philadelphia it is being heralded as the "New Miracle at the Meadowlands."

Either way, the last eight minutes of the Eagles' 38-31 historic comeback against the Giants will never be forgotten.

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When you write a column or a blog these days, it really doesn't matter how much you know (or think you know) about the subject matter at hand.

The masses will come out and challenge you on your virtual pulpit and force you to defend your stance. Then, there's the alternative: you can give in.

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Bush-League Move By WR Jackson Highlights Win; Angers Cowboy Nation

Philadelphia's DeSean Jackson is a showboat. His actions last night while scoring on a 91-yard TD pass from Michael Vick were uncalled for and unprofessional.

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