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If the season where to end today the Devils would finish 6th in the East. This is a huge improvement for the Devils after failing to make the postseason last year. Many critics doubted the Devils and Pete DeBoer making the postseason but the Devils have quieted those critics. Yes the Devils have had their ups and downs but to finish 6th would be a great spot for the Devils to possibly advance deep into the postseason.

If the postseason where to start today, the Devils would play the Florida Panthers who are trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 1999-2000 season. If you recall the Devils won the Cup that season. Now I am not saying that will happen again but I think the Panthers are the team the Devils can possibly get over to make it up to the 2nd round. Florida will force the Devils to play their best otherwise it would be another disappointing postseason for the Devils. Believe it or not this is one of the most important postseasons in franchise history due to the fact that if the Devils don't make a good run they might not be able to convince Zach Parise, who wants to win more than anything, to stay with the Devils after this season. An early playoff disappointment may spell the end of Parise's career in New Jersey.

So if I were the Devils I would be happy right where they are in the standings because they silenced the critics who said they couldn't make the postseason. Also playing Florida would be a great opponent to get the Devils in playoff form to make a strong run and keep the face of the franchise.

Let know what you think. Do you think the Devils should be higher or lower in the standings? Is a Florida a team you'd want to play in the postseason?

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