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Yesterday, Martin Brodeur told French-Canadian journliast Renaud Lavoie that although Brodeur wouldn't pick himself for Team Canada, he would go to next February's Sochi Olympics if asked -- even as a third-string goalie. That got me to thinking, which Devils are destined to play for flag and country in a year's time? So, after looking at the Devils' current roster, here's an extremely early roundup of players I think will, could or won't get the call next year. Again, this is all my random guessing based on players I think have a shot. Here goes.

Definitely Sochi bound: Patrik Elias (Czech Republic), Ilya Kovalchuk (Russia), Anton Volchenkov (Russia)

As long as they keep this up: David Clarkson (Canada), Andy Greene (U.S.)

They've got a shot: Marek Zidlicky (Czech Republic)

Probably because it's Marty: Martin Brodeur (Canada)

Your time is coming, just probably not now: Adam Henrique (Canada), Mark Fayne (U.S.), Adam Larsson (Sweden)

I know the first name you'll notice not on the list is Travis Zajac. I really like what he brings to the Devils and think he's a very good player, but have you seen Canada's forwards group? Do you think he's getting in over Sidney Crosby, Claude Giroux, Steven Stamkos, Jonathan Toews, Eric Staal, John Tavares.. Okay, I'll stop. Why Clarkson and not Zajac? Call it a gut feeling. While Zajac may be more offensively "gifted" than Clarkson, I don't think he brings the same gritty, in-the-corners, screening-the-goalie game that Clarkson does.

What do you think? Which Devils do you think should or shouldn't make the Olympics? Sound off in the comments below!

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