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Defenseman Mark Fayne and winger Matt D'Agostini miss the last four and three games of the season, respectively. At the time, it wasn't 100 percent clear why that happened, particularly with Fayne. At today's breakup day, we got some clarity on the situation with Fayne revealing he has bulging disc in his lower back that caused a harp, shooting pain” down one of his legs.

Via Tom Gulitti of Fire & Ice:

Fayne said he first hurt his back during the team’s April 15 game in Toronto, but it didn’t start to really bother him for a few days after that.

“My back tightened up during that game,” he said. “It was sore, but I could play the next week, but then something hit one of the nerves, a bulging disc, and it would just shoot down my leg. It’s weird that it happened two games after. I just have to stay off it.”

Fayne said he will not require surgery.

As for D'Agostini, it was a sprained that sidelined him.

“It happened in practice,” D’Agostini said. “We were doing some down-low drills. I kind of just went into the boards funny. It kept me out of the last week or so.”

D’Agostini said the injury does not appear to be anything serious.

“It’s already starting to feel better,” D’Agostini said. “I’ll have an MRI maybe if it’s still lingering in the next week or so. We’ll see how it progresses.”


As stipulated in the trade, if the Devils make D’Agostini, a potential restricted free agent, a qualifying offer or re-sign him, the Blues get the Devils’ 2015 fourth-round pick. If the Devils decide not to qualify or re-sign D’Agostini, they get St. Louis’ 2015 seventh-round pick and the Blues get the Devils’ 2015 fifth-round pick.

That would explain things. A sprained wrist can be a, well, let's just say a "nudge" to deal with, where a bulging disc in your back is extremely painful. Both players should be good to go next season -- that is, if D'Agostini is retained, which Lou Lamoriello wouldn't address today.
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