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Hidden very deep in Elliotte Friedman's "30 Thoughts" column was a revelation that many Devils fans might find interesting, jarring and a bit understandable.

Via Elliotte Friedman of CBC:

21. When Martin Brodeur's future was uncertain, it appears the New Jersey Devils at least inquired about Luongo. Interesting. Now that Brodeur is signed for two years, it's no longer necessary.
Although there was never really any doubt about Marty returning to Jersey, there was that tiny sliver of doubt planted when he decided to hire an agent for the first time in his career. It was a totally understandable move. After all, it's likely his last NHL contract and he was coming off a Stanley Cup run that had rejuvenated his value across the league and not just up and down the turnpike. That said, Lou Lamoriello is nothing if not thorough and it in no way surprises me that he looked into alternative options in case Marty and his new agent decided to go off reservation with their contract demands. In the end, both sides saw the value in No. 30 remaining in red and black for (likely) final two years of his career and avoided disaster.

This feels like Lou evaluating his options while possibly creating a little bit of leverage in contract talks with Marty (Can you imagine that talk? "You want HOW much? Okay, let me just make a call. Hey, Mike Gillis, how's the weather up in Vancouver?" Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.). But don't discount the fact that the Devils likely don't believe goalie prospects Maxime Clermont or Keith Kinkaid can step in on a semi-permanent basis, if necessary. With "goalie of the future" Scott Wedgewood at least two and more likely three years away, the Devils know they would be in some serious shit if Marty were to go down or leave town.

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