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As I?m writing this article I have a smile on my face. For what you might ask? Due to the fact that we are mere hours away from the New York Knicks starting another one of their always interesting seasons. Tonight they head down to Miami to play the always-hated Miami Heat. First lets take a look at the starting lineups:

New York: Chris Duhon (PG), Wilson Chandler (SG), Jared Jeffries (SF), Al Harrington (PF), David Lee (C).

This is the best starting lineup that coach D'Antoni could throw out there. In previous seasons the thought of Jeffries in the starting lineup would make me cringe. However, due to his limited success in the pre-season combined with our need to showcase him for a possible trade it was a great move. Now to the Miami Heat?

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Miami Heat president and Knicks turncoat Pat Riley (hold on to your hats folks!) stepped down as head coach and turned the reigns over to assistant Erik Spoelstra, who instantly becomes the youngest head coach in the NBA (37 years).

"While we are always looking for NBA talent to perform on the court, the most important talent that you may find has to perform on the bench, in the locker room, late at night, watching film, motivating and executing all the responsibilities of a head coach," Riley said. "I believe Erik Spoelstra is one of the most talented young coaches to come around in a long time."
What bothers me most about Riley's antics is that he's the Bill Parcells of the NBA. He's such a damn good coach, but is just way too antsy to be taken seriously. Still can't get over him faxing in his resignation though.

....Andrew Smith writes....

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