A group of Jets fans have purchased 12 billboards across New Jersey that make light of the recently suspended Tom Brady (Walder, May 13).

The billboards make reference to Brady as "#TomShady" with the famous "J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!" chant below.

?Jets fans are very opinionated,? said Carly Zipp, the communications director for Outfront Media who own the electronic billboards. ?Because billboards are something that is seen by everyone, they knew the power of message and they wanted to it get it out.?

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UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- The goodbyes to the Nassau Coliseum began early Saturday morning.

A smattering of fans had already set up tents in the Coliseum parking lot by the time players began to file into the building for the morning skate at 10:30 am. Johnny Boychuk, who has been staying at the Marriot right across from the Coliseum, said he heard them in the morning.

"I heard people tailgating. It actually woke me up," he said, while chuckling, after the Islanders 4-3 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. "It was a little bit different, but it was good to see you that you have passionate fans."

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Are you a superstitious Giant fan? No foul if you are. Our friends at Anheuser-Busch tell us that Giant fans are among the most superstitious in the league (superstition ranking: 8/32 teams ? top 10):

Giants fans rank third in the league (45%) for believing their superstitious activities affect the outcome of the game.

Food and trinkets: Giants fans rank second in the league for eating the same food (31%) or touching, kissing, rubbing or holding some kind of team memorabilia (19%) for the win.

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Yesterday we asked our readers what they would do to fix their sinking, stinking 0-4 Giants. Here are some of the suggestions that were sent in:

Rick: Get creative on offense! Stop running the same vertica down field plays every snap. Use David Wilson in space like Darren Sproles. What happened to the quick Nicks Slant? Use Jacobs out in the flat, let Myers go down the seam for a couple catches. Whay is this so difficult? The deep passes are fun to watch, but when you have an offensive line that can't protect the QB, you have got to get creative. Wake up Gilbride and Eli!

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I?ve been a Nets fan for a little over 10 years now, but growing up on Long Island, I never really got a chance to see the team play in New Jersey.

Before the move to Downtown Brooklyn, I actually only attended one New Jersey Nets game ? last season at Prudential Center in Newark, also known as ?The Rock.?

Inside Barclays Center

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The Giants take their fans on a roller coaster ride every year it seems. Perhaps like no other team in professional sports. I don't know about you, but we're tired. Last week, we wanted to get right back on the ride. Today, we're nauseous and don't even want to get out of bed.

How are you feeling today? This team has multiple personality disorder. Liken them to proverbial box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get. Many Giant fans have written us to speak their minds about the state of the team.

Some are content with the Giants being perennial contenders. For others, that's not enough. They want a 14-2 season once in awhile.

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"They?re like sharks. ?If they don?t like you, they let you know right off the bat. And even if you?re doing good, they might just not like you for the heck of it. It?s brutal over there. ?Those fans, they know what they want, and they pretty much demand it. So if you don?t give it to them, they?ll let you know.?

-- Wayne Hunter on Jets fans, via CBSNewYork
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Last week Jets owner Woody Johnson spoke to the press and answered a number of questions about the Jets, his coaching staff, the stadium, Tim Tebow (of course), and whether or not he was alarmed by the amount of pub his team was getting this year.

On if he likes the amount of interest in his team?

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The Giants won their second Super Bowl in five seasons last night and the fans - who rode the rollercoaster ride with Big Blue all year - were rewarded with an exciting 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI last night.

?Big Blue gave us a game to remember, and on Tuesday we're going to give them a parade to remember,? NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg said in a statement.

From GEICO SportsNite: Giants fans react after watching the Giants defeat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday night.

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RB Brandon Jacobs is sick and tired of hearing the home crowd boo his team. The home crowd is sick and tired of Brandon Jacobs' team giving them reasons to boo.

The rift between the Giants' RB and Giant fans is growing ever larger. Jacobs, according to many fans, has not lived up to the standard the faithful has become accustomed to when it comes to rushing the football. Jacobs feels the booing is counterproductive and wants it to stop.

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by Jon Wagner

After seeing the Giants (similar to past years under Tom Coughlin) finish the first half of the 2011 season at 6-2, with a two-game lead, before subsequently starting the second half with a pair of losses and falling into a first-place tie in the NFC East with Dallas, it?s understandable why Big Blue fans would focus on the negative right now.

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  • A backup point guard
  • A solution to trade Eddy Curry without giving up David Lee
  • A shot blocker
  • For Nate Robinson to get over screens
  • David Lee to consistently bang down jumpers
  • Al Harrington gets to the line 8-10 times per game
  • Wilson Chandler becomes what I think he can become
  • This Chris Duhon is not a mirage
  • Walsh gets defensive-minded players that fit in D'Antoni's offense
  • Get Raja Bell without giving up too much, he's the ideal backup 2 who can start in the meantime
  • A playoff series
What do you guys want?
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I have spoken with countless numbers of New York Knicks fans and scoured the comment areas on blogs to try to get a sense of where we all stand, and to me, Knicks fans can be classified into four groups right now. Over the past few seasons, many Knicks fans have abandoned ship, and rightfully so. Some bleed orange and blue, and others, well, refuse to even comment. Here are the over-generalized factions...

Group I (Bitter): These are the Knicks fans who became so furious with the remarkable job of Isiah Thomas of turning a proud franchise into the laughing stock of the league, that they have completely lost hope and cannot even bear to think about the team without going into a profanity-laden tirade. They are now New Orleans Hornet diehards.

Group II (Angry & Passionate): These fans are as equally furious with the last few seasons as the fans in Group I, yet they still watch as many games as possible. They yearn for the days of hard fouls and teams built around defense. They really just cannot wait to be a part of another NYK playoff run.

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According to multiple reports, Alex Rodriguez is now a free agent.

In the Journal News, Yankees beat writer Peter Abraham lists the Mets, Red Sox, Cubs, Giants, Dodgers and White Sox among Rodriguez?s potential suitors.

Additionally, the New York Post writes that the Angels and Dodgers are considered ?quick favorites,? with the Cubs, Mets, Red Sox and Tigers also among other teams to watch.

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