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The New York Football Giants are the ninth most valuable franchise in the world right now according to Forbes Magazine.

They rank fourth-highest on the list of the most valued NFL properties behind the Cowboys, Patriots and Redskins. Three European soccer teams and two storied MLB teams also rank ahead of them on the list of ?the world's valuable franchises:

  1. Real Madrid $3.3 billion
  2. Manchester United $3.165 billion
  3. Barcelona $2.6 billion
  4. New York Yankees $2.3 billion
  5. Dallas Cowboys $2.1 billion
  6. New England Patriots $1.635 billion
  7. Los Angeles Dodgers $1.615 billion
  8. Washington Redskins $1.6 billion
  9. New York Giants $1.468 billion
  10. Arsenal $1.326 billion
The Cowboys are by far the most valuable NFL franchise. From Forbes: "The Cowboys have been the NFL?s most valuable team since 2007 thanks to the league?s highest sponsorship and premium seating revenues?a combined $200 million.."?

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Training Camp is Just 9 Days Away

The Giants are getting prepared for their trip north to Albany for the month of August, where their training camp will begin next Sunday.? Before the team arrives, the arduous task of moving all the team's equipment from lockers to the weight room -must take place. Yesterday, crews from the Liedike Moving & Storage Co. were hard at work (right).

Just a reminder that training camp sessions are open to the public, and there are two dates in particular that you may want to circle.

Friday August 6th is Autograph Night. The team will be available to fans for autographs immediately following the afternoon practice.

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