Fred Robbins

Injury Issues of 2009 Spilling Over Into This Season

Two years ago two key players for the New York Giants had off season knee surgery.? Fred Robbins and Barry Cofield both went under the knife during the off season to repair torn up knee ligaments and to no surprise...they had terrible? seasons.

Thinking back upon the players injuries, the press reported these surgeries as common place and routine as drinking Gatorade on the sidelines; however, when there production slipped and there reliability was in doubt...the questions came fast and furious.

Now June 2010 and the New York Giants are only weeks away from Camp Coughlin, and I question why some of the key players(Boss) on the team are having "Off Season" surgery so late in the game and what is Gilbride's plan to run the ball when all 3 starting running backs(Bradshaw, Jacobs, and Brown) have had recent surgery.

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