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From our colleague Jimmy Kempski:

It?s time to start paying attention to Will Hill if you?re a Giants fan. ?He has been getting a ton of reps with the 1?s, and extra reps with the 2?s. ?It?s clear that the coaching staff really likes him. ?And how do I know that? ?Because they yell at him a lot. ?Before the play, during the play, after the play, you name it. ??Be physical Will! ?Jam him up Will! ?Jam him up!? ?If they didn?t like him, he?d be running with the 3?s. ?

They?ve been using him a lot in the box, and today he covered the slot receivers and TEs quite a bit. ?He may very well play a big role for the Giants? defense this year, ?especially with the uncertainty of Terrell Thomas? knee. ?At all 32 camps, reporters are prefacing questions by first saying ?The NFL is changing with the usage of more athletic tight ends like Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez?? and then they finish their question, usually asking how you stop those two TE sets. ?If there hasn?t already been that question posed with Will Hill in mind already, there will be soon. ?Here?s some tape of Hill in college at Florida against Georgia. ?He had himself a game:

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