The Giants (3-9) travel down to the Music City to play the 2-10 Tennessee Titans in an interconference battle between two teams that will be selecting near the top of next year's NFL Draft.

Kickoff: 1 p.m.

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For the past 17 years the Giants organization has one major constant...a defensive end that was going to play the run or the pass with a ferocity that NFL teams would have to game plan around that player.

Until former Dallas Cowboys Offensive tackle Flozell Adams stuck his leg out and tripped NY Giants Defensive End, Justin Tuck in September of 2009.? That "bush league" play by Adams cost Justin Tuck more than a shoulder injury...it cost Tuck a season of mediocre play.

A year later a healthy Justin Tuck is back and showcasing to the NFL why he is a dominant player.

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As I walked through the stadium yesterday, I did not see a flood, or a fire or an earthquake.

Yet, the Giants seemed to think there was, acting the like the Red Cross in accommodating their guests, handing over a very winnable football game to a mediocre Tennessee Titans team.

For fantasy players and boxscore sniffers, the game looked like some kind of wild shootout, but the only shots fired in this game were by the Giants - at their own feet.

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Justin Tuck is a captain this season. ?It was kind of thrust upon him, he didn't raise his hand and volunteer for it.

He is just now beginning to realize that the captain's job is to explain away all the stupidity, foolishness and ineptitude after losses.

Yesterday, he stood in front of the beat pool and did a great job defending the defensible and singling out where his team needs to improve.

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By Dr. Bill Chachkes - Managing Partner/Executive Editor-Football Reporters Online / Special Contributor-Profootballnyc.com

It was reminiscent of many trips back from the Meadowlands I remembered as a Teenager in the late 1970?s when my father was still with us. Back then we would wait for the busses outside of Gate D. Now we stand, however painfully, and wait for the train. We had all just watched the Titans throttle the Giants, if only on the scoreboard. I wanted to get some fan reaction. Two ladies behind me were in their jerseys and had polish under their eyes. It, and their make-up, was already running.


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Can someone call Tiki Barber?

If Amhad Bradshaw is going to stay the #1 back on the New York Giants he is going to have make some adjustments carrying the ball.

Was the fumble against the Titans the only problem of the game....No.? However, in past 3 seasons Amhad Bradshaw has had 8 fumbles, which is not terrible.? The alarming stat is that through 3 games he has two.? This weeks was significant.

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Looking at this game's box score, you would think that Giants' QB Eli Manning was the winning QB.

Uh-uh.? The bad outweighed the good today, especially his decision to throw a left-handed pass into the end zone that was intercepted by the Titans.

"I just saw Kevin Boss open and was trying to get him the ball" Eli said. "That is one of those things where everything is telling you to try to get him the ball, but you just have to know you can't afford to have a turnover there and especially can't afford to float it in that situation.? Sometimes you have to know when to stop competing a little bit, just say, ?they got us,' and either throw it with your right hand or don't throw it and take the sack and get the field goal.

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Tom Coughlin's post-game presser was more like an apology. The sad, inexplicable, sloppy loss to Tennessee this afternoon was one of the most listless, non-cohesive performances in recent franchise history...

"It is frustrating, but it's my fault, it's my responsibility, put it on me. Let's see if we can get a team to come out of that locker room as one and understand what we've done."

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"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."- Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight
Today, we got our answers. As embarrassing as Week 2 was, the beating came at the hands of the top tier Colts. Today?s loss, coming at the hands of the mediocre Titans, erases any doubt that 2009 is long gone. The New York Giants, now at 1-2 appear to be a team that is rebuilding, whether they like it or not.

-The classic Aaron Eckhart line above immediately came to mind when the CBS cameras focused in on a flustered Kareem McKenzie mulling on the bench after his second personal foul. The blatant and unnecessary foul resulted in the Giants being forced to convert a 3rd and 25 with the game on the line. They failed to advance past 4th and 14.

McKenzie certainly wasn?t the only goat today, but he and the rest of the O-line are far from the heroic figures they once were. Two years ago at this time, the Giants enjoyed the finest front 5 in the game; the same front 5 that helped lead the team to a Super Bowl victory in 2007. Now, the unit has become a liability (and arguably an embarrassment).

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Giants' Hall-of-Fame linebacker Harry Carson greeted fans and signed autographs outside the MetLife Central entrance of the New Meadowlands Stadium before Sunday's Giants-Titans game.

Met Life hosts player meet and greets before every Giants and Jets home game.

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Inactive today for the Giants

C Shaun O'Hara

DT Linval Joseph

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The Giants will workout for the final time this morning before they face the Tennessee Titans at NMS Sunday afternoon.

Tom Coughlin met with his three captains - Justin Tuck, Eli Manning and Chase Blackburn - yesterday after practice. Much has been made of the alleged lack of leadership, so the meeting - which had been on the calendar for awhile - could not have come a second sooner.

Coughlin did not divulge any details but did say that anytime they have a meeting (usually once a week) "its good. Its productive".

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Tennessee Titans

DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN PRACTICE: DT Tony Brown (knee), DE Jacob Ford (knee), T Mike Otto (knee)

FULL PARTICIPATION IN PRACTICE: DE Jason Babin (elbow), CB Cortland Finnegan (thigh)

New York Football Giants


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Last week the Giants played a team that was known for their passing prowess in the Colts.

So, what happens? They leave their defensive tackles on the bench and get run right out of the building.

This week they'll face the game's best running back in Tennessee's Chris Johnson. They'll need all of their tackles - and maybe more - to stop this juggernaut of a player. A stacked deck is nothing new to Johnson, and it is not guaranteed to stop him.

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The Tennessee Titans' Jeff Fisher, the longest tenured head coach in the NFL, was on a conference call with reporters this morning.?? His words were masked by the usual PC jargon, but it was evident that he has not put LB Keith Bulluck's decision to leave Nashville behind him.

"Obviously Keith and I got to be very close and we enjoyed some great times and endured some difficult times together." said Fisher. "He had a great run here, and we just weren't able to get him back. He worked out a deal with the Giants. I put the tape on, and I'm really happy for him. He's playing well, and there was no doubt in my mind that he would come off this injury because he has been healthy his whole career, and he is a quick healer..... I'm so happy for him that he's playing again, and playing at a high level."

Fisher expanded on his comments about Bulluck's healing ability and how Bulluck's familiarity might change the Titans' approach the game.

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