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Andy Furman, our colleague over at Ultimate NYG, has been overtly critical of the way the Giants have constructed this year's roster. Below he provides us his recommendations to “fix” the Giants, followed by my comments...

1) Get a new Offensive CoordinatorFennelly: No question. The ship has run aground here. People will tell you that Eli and Gilbride go hand-in-hand, but that is no longer the case. The playcalling is unimaginative and stale, and the relationship isn't working any longer. Time for a change.

2) Get a new Specials Teams CoachFennelly: I like Tom Quinn, but too many embarrassing moments have occurred under his watch. He is a guy who I can defend, however, because the team has neglected the specials when formulating the roster. Just think about this season when they reduced David Wilson's return chances and also cut Kyle Bosworth on him.

3) Get a new Strength and Conditioning CoachFennelly: Not sure this is needed. The Giants have a state-of-the-art facility at QDTC and a team of trainers and doctors in-house. Maybe a more extensive regimen can be introduced, but I think they are doing all they can in this area.

4) Draft Auburn LT Greg Robinson (in Round 1) if he declares in 2014.  Move Beatty over to Guard and get a paycut.  Move Boothe to Center.Fennelly: I don't see Beatty moving to guard. He's a tackle, but not a left tackle. He should be moved to RT and Justin Pugh moved to another position. It's early enough in his career to move him either inside or to center.

5) Draft another Guard (like they did in 2004 with Snee) in Round 2. 10 YEAR ROAD GRADER PLEASE.Fennelly: I agree. The talent needs to be upgraded and the early rounds of the draft is the best place to find top offensive lineman.

6) Start getting Damontre Moore snaps NOW in 2013.

Fennelly: Something's missing here. This should have been done a while ago but Coughlin continues to dance around the subject. Perhaps Moore, who only turned 21 this past September, is still dealing with life as a pro.

7) Part ways with Nicks, Diehl, Snee, Webster, Kiwanuka, and Baas.Fennelly: Nicks will be allowed to test the UFA market. It's possible he comes back much cheaper than anticipated, but don't count on it. Snee may be forced to retire with both hips hurting him now. Webster's contract is up. He's pretty much gone as it is. Diehl is still useful and the team may re-sign him to a one-year, veteran deal. Kiwi and Baas may be tough to dump right now because they both have two years left on their deals. If the Giants want to bite the bullet on them, they should. That is, if it's not too costly.

8) If you want to re-sign Tuck, do NOT give him a contract longer than 3 years, or if so, just make sure it is economical after he invariably gets hurt in 2014.Fennelly: Agree. Tuck has played well this season and that warrants an offer. Just don't overpay.

9) Re-sign Linval Joseph.Fennelly: Joseph has been steady this season and has developed into a pretty good player. Again, don't overpay.

10) Medically evaluate if JPP can regain his form from 2011 and the first half of 2012.Fennelly: I think this has been done already but the Giants are still digesting the results and are afraid of making them public. We've already told you not to expect great things from JPP going forward. The back surgery he underwent is practically a career-ender for a lineman. He broke into this league with very little football under his belt and got by on his amazing physical ability the first few years. Now that that ability has been reduced greatly by the surgery, he is very ordinary and needs to rely more on skill and experience that he does not possess.

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