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In the NFL, the more you win, the harder they make it for you to keep on winning. You slip in the draft order, always have cap issues and are given difficult schedule.

Such is the case with the Giants who, thanks to a decade of winning seasons, have traditionally drawn one of the league's toughest schedules.

One of the residual effects of enduring a losing year is that you draw a less taxing schedule the following season.

This year, the Giants have drawn the NFL's sixth-easiest schedule, thanks to a 7-9 2013 campaign. Their 2014 opponents had a aggregate winning percentage of just .465.

The Oakland Raiders have the toughest schedule (.578) while the Indianapolis Colts have the easiest (.430).

On the schedule for the Giants in 2014: Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington home-and-home. Arizona, Atlanta, San Francisco, Indianapolis Houston at home. Road games: Seattle, St. Louis, Detroit, Jacksonville and Tennessee.

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