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Just over a day after Andre Williams set off Jets coach Rex Ryan, the Giants rookie took to twitter to try to clear things up (Daily News, August 21).

Williams said Thursday that one of his quotes had been blown out of proportion - though he did add that "there can only be one winner" in Friday night's Jets-Giants match up.

“Smh, boy I probably shouldn’t even say nething more bcuz sometimes things get taken outta context,” Williams tweeted in reference to calling the Giants the "real New York Team".

After Williams' comments surfaced, Ryan spent Wednesday firing back. The Jets coach said the last time he'd seen the former Boston College running back, he was getting "smoked" by Clemson.

But Williams took the positive spin on that jab as he said it was "an honor" to hear Ryan had watched him play at BC.

“We might have lost to Clemson but I guess he (Ryan) was doing his due diligence!” Williams said as he wrapped up his twitter explanation.

“NY is big enough for the Giants & the Jets and I’m honored to step on the field with them Friday night," WIlliams wrote. "... Still, there can only be 1 winner!”

Williams is finding out the hard way that even the most innocuous statements can come back to bite you here in New York. Especially if they raise the attention of a world-class gumflapper like Rex Ryan, who can never pass up an opportunity to take a swipe at the Giants or their players.  Williams will surely be given the "stay off Twitter" speech from Tom Coughlin if he hasn't already.


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