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Giants head coach updated the media on the status of his son-in-law, OG Chris Snee, who is once again rehabbing from offseason hip surgery.

From Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger:

"I think there's no question," Coughlin said Friday at the NFL Combine here in Indianapolis.

Coughlin isn't sure of much beyond that. Snee carries a mammoth cap number that will likely be reduced before the start of next season. The team could very well release him and re-sign him at a lower salary. They still view him as a top-tier offensive lineman when healthy.

"I think certainly there's a natural, built-in timetable (for Snee to make an official decision) as far as progress goes along here," Coughlin said. "He's in the rehab aspect of it. For anyone that has been injured, the rehab and all of those things come into play as you start to formulate where you are. Right now, I'm optimistic about it."

That cap number is mammoth. In fact, it's astronomical ($11.3 million). The Giants aren't about to pay Snee anywhere near that regardless of how healthy he may seem this spring. They can save $6.8 million by cutting him. They'll still take a $4.5 mil dead money charge of they do that, so if they can squeeze one more year out of him they should do so. He has been a great Giant and his leadership will be needed as the team rebuilds their offensive line.

They shouldn't expect the moon from him, however. It would be nice to see him come back healthy enough to participate and then ride off into the sunset and eventually into the Giants' Ring of Honor.

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