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The 800 lb elephant is buzzing around again this morning: Victor Cruz' contract negotiations. Fear not, Giant fans, Cruz is going to sign a long-term agreement with the Giants - and soon.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports the deal will be inked before Cruz rejoins his teammates on July 26th for training camp:

“Everybody I’ve spoken to expects that deal to absolutely get done, to a 100 percent degree of certainty, that Victor Cruz will have a new contract by the time the Giants open training camp,” Mortensen said on NFL Live as per PFT.
He's already signed his $2.879 million tender and is waiting for the Giants to either cave or move closer to his terms on guaranteed money, total comp and years. Sounds like the M.O. of every player seeking a new contract, to me.

Cruz doesn't seem too concerned. He has been as amiable as ever during his public appearances and has not indicated in any way that he is disgruntled with his current lot and/or is upset with the Giants.

Cruz was made for New York. This is the best place for him. New York is the media and marketing capital of the world as well as the nation's most international and diverse city. If the Giants paid him the league minimum, he'd still rake in millions via endorsements and public appearances. He's going to be here for a long time.

As to when this deal will get done, it does not make much sense for Cruz to not have it in place by the next deadline, which is August 6th. That is 30 days before the start of the season. Cruz has to at least show up to camp by then in order to maintain his eligibility to become an unrestricted free agent next year. That is, if no new deal is signed.

GEICO SportsNite has the latest on wide receiver Victor Cruz, who says it is likely he reaches a deal with the Giants before the season.

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