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People get carried away this time of year with comparisons.

For instance, the comparison of South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney to former Giant great and Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor.

From PFT:

Former Giants linebacker Carl Banks has heard some people compare his former teammate, Lawrence Taylor, to Jadeveon Clowney. And Banks isn’t impressed by that comparison.

Banks told ESPN that anyone who has been criticized for lacking a great work ethic (like Clowney) should not be compared to Taylor who, for all his off-field faults, went 100 percent on the field.

“L.T. was the guy that would always set the tempo for practice, whether he hated every drill,” Banks said. “He would complain after the fact, but he would give 100 percent. . . . He never took a play off, never wanted to take a play off and resented players who took plays off. He’d talk about you if you wouldn’t finish.”

I'm personally surprised that Clowney, after sitting out games by choice to safeguard his future, is still being considered a top-three selection in the draft. The NFL is unforgiving. You need to go 110 pecent on every play. Players - especially one that have never played a snap in this league - cannot expect to get by on talent and natural ability alone.

Clowney is an exceptional talent, no question, but he's no LT. It's unfair to compare anyone to No. 56. Taylor, in my book, is like Wayne Gretzky in hockey and Mariano Rivera in baseball: head and shoulders over the competition.  A player you see once in a lifetime. Dominant. Peerless.

I'm sure there are many youngsters who read this site that never saw Taylor play. All I can say is I'm sorry. You missed it. The highlight reels, as impressive as they are, don't do him justice. He sold out on every play. He lived hard and played harder.

Clowney may end up being great, but he won't be LT. God made only one of those. 

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