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The season might be long over for the Giants, but the Seattle Seahawks, who enter MetLife Stadium on Sunday, hope to make a second trip in February with much more at stake. Seattle has dominated for a majority of the season and holds the best record in the NFL at a solid 11-2.

With outcomes in their favor this week, the Seahawks will make themselves comfortable at home during the NFC playoffs, where they have been unbeatable, winning 15 games in a row inside of CenturyLink Stadium.

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell believes that Seattle has all of the pieces to be a Super Bowl winning team, even with a team full of players that many would not consider "superstars."

"They have all of the elements.  They have all of the pieces in place and they’re executing at a high level," said Fewell when he addressed the media on Thursday. " I don’t know if people look at them as big name guys, but they work well together as a group."

One aspect that Fewell acknowledged was the exceptional play of quarterback Russell Wilson and the combination of running back Marshawn Lynch, a tandem that has done a solid job of balancing a fast-paced offense.

"I know it’s only his second year, but he has a lot of poise.  He doesn’t seem to panic and has great vision down the field," said Fewell. "The quarterback gives them a lot of confidence.  Marshawn Lynch is running the ball extremely well.  The offensive line, they work well together as a group."

The Giants defense has had their fair share of mobile quarterbacks over this disappointing season, but Wilson may be the cream of the crop when it comes to QB's who can escape the pocket for long yardage. In addition, not only does Wilson have the ability to run, but he can also burn a defense through the air.

"It seems like his eyes are always down the field and he’s always looking to find the open person," said Fewell."He has a little different style because of his vision down the field.  He can scramble, he can do the things that other guys that have played against us, but it seems like the other guys that we play against, if they run, they look to run.  Wilson can run right and throw right.  He can run left to throw left. He puts his body in some unusual positions and he’s able to make the throw."

Fewell, who was the Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator in 2006, knows the capabilities of Lynch, as the two were both a part of the Bills system, where Lynch was drafted.

"I think, as I said earlier, the offensive line gelling together.  Marshawn is a hard runner," said Fewell. "I was fortunate enough to be with him in Buffalo and he goes into Beast Mode, what he calls, so he’ll take on a linebacker or he’ll take on a safety, or he’ll take on a defensive lineman.  He’ll challenge them in the hole and then he has the ability to step in the hole and get out of the hole and accelerate down the field.  He has all of the elements of a complete back."

Even though the season is officially over for the Giants, Fewell believes that his defensive unit will still put all of their effort into finding a win this week, and they haven't given up.

"I think our guys are pretty resilient. I think they like to compete and they want to go out and play football," said Fewell. "We’re competitors. We love to compete and we love to play this game and we work to earn the right to play more football."

The Giants are going to have to put more than just the 'love of the game' into this matchup against the Seahawks if they have any chance of finding a victory in a season that means nothing from here on out.

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