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Monday afternoon, the Giants placed RB David Wilson, 23, on the season-ending Injured Reserved list. It appears to be a one-way trip.

Wilson will likely never play football again after doctors advised him he would seriously jeopardize his health if he were to expose his surgically-repaired neck to another NFL-caliber hit.

Head coach Tom Coughlin has come to grips with the situation:

"I told the staff here at about 2:30 that we had pretty much braced ourselves for not good news, although trying to be optimistic and not trying to go ahead and make some kind of a statement prior to getting that information. You naturally feel bad, you feel down. It is just a natural thing. I have to say when David came in and we sat and talked, he is such an upbeat young man. He is so positive. The smile is still on his face, even though he has received this kind of news."

Coughlin was asked if Wilson's optimism surprised him in any way:

"Not at all. You have to know the kid. Not at all. He came in my office with a big smile on his face and he had been with Jerry (Reese). Nothing that was said got him to a state of melancholy or anything and he wasn’t going to go there. That’s the impression I got. If you think back on it, that’s the way he always has been."

Wilson is likely to be released at some point by the Giants, receiving an injury-settlement of which the amount is unknown at this time. In 2012, Wilson signed a four year, $6.68 million contract with the Giants, including a $3.3 million signing bonus. $5.4 million of the contract is guaranteed, with an annual average salary of $1.6 million. His 2014 cap hit is $1.8 million.

Coughlin said Wilson will always be welcome at the Giants' facilities, citing the mantra "Once a Giant, always a Giant," but doubted he would have any official association with the team in the future.

"I don’t think so," the coach said. "That hasn’t been spoken of yet at this point. I would say probably not. David recited for me the things that have been heard all week because of the Hall of Fame and because of Michael Strahan’s induction. Once a Giant, always a Giant. He heard it earlier in the week and it is true. He’s a Giant. He’ll always be a Giant. He is welcome here always and I think and hope and asked him to keep me informed as to once he got settled and visits with his mother and father about what direction he wants to go in, to keep me informed."

The team has an opening at RB. Coughlin said they would probably bring in another option this week.

"Well, you’ve got five guys and two fullbacks and Henry (Hynoski) can play running back if you chose to do that. If we think that there is a circumstance at the beginning of the week that will jeopardize your ability to practice, then I am sure we will have another one in here. The answer is yes."

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