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Tom Coughlin is taking his Giants into Detroit this weekend and with as many as ten players appearing on the injury list week, many of the younger and more inexperienced guys will be getting more snaps.

"We have some good people in place, good character guys who are very focused and want to do well very badly," said Coughlin. "I think they help with the younger guys. The coaches are very cognizant and aware of where the players are mentally and if a guy needs a little boost or kick in the rear end, then they are ready to do that."

WR Victor Cruz (knee, concussion), RB Peyton Hillis (concussion), DE Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder), S Cooper Taylor (hamstring) are all out. T David Diehl (knee) is doubtful and G James Brewer (ankle), WR Jerrel Jernigan (knee) are questionable.

The offense, already struggling, will have a new look on the line - again. Without Cruz (and possibly Jernigan, his understudy), Eli Manning will be relying heavily on RB Andre Brown, WRs Hakeem Nicks and Rueben Randle as well as TE Brandon Myers.

The injuries pave the way for players such as OL Brandon Mosley, RB Michael Cox and WR Julian Talley. Coughlin answered some questions regarding the team's status come Sunday:

With David Diehl right now, is the issue flexibility?"Right now he is just not able to go out there and practice the way that we would like him to. We’ll see. Maybe another day will help. We thought today would be a day he would be able to do some work and he actually came out and did some things, but we just didn’t put him in our practice."

What have you seen from Brandon Mosley?"He’s worked hard. He’s a hard working young kid. He’s nice and thick, O-line type and hopefully he’ll play well."

JPP not playing this week, is he probably not going to play next week either?"The doctor won’t clear him unless certain things happen and so far, they haven’t."

Is this a good opportunity for Rueben Randle?"It’s a good opportunity for a lot of guys. (Julian) Talley’s got a chance. He’ll contribute. Yeah, it’s a good opportunity. That’s the only way to look at it, too. Be positive about it. I’m sure if Victor was right here with us, he’d tell you the same thing. Go get them. Get those other guys and let them play."

What have you seen from RB Michael Cox this week with the increased reps?"Same kind of guy, works very hard. He’s a serious minded kid, so he’ll be ready to go. He’s got good energy and good endurance."

Contract year or not for Hakeem Nicks, is it important for him to…"It’s important for everybody, every game. Every game is important, regardless of what the status is or their circumstance. Every game is an important game in this league."

Do you think the young guys realize that even though you’re not in playoff contention that this is going on film?"They certainly are aware of it. We’ve talked about it."

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