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Tom Coughlin threatened his starters that if they don't right the ship soon, they'll be playing a lot in the team's final preseason game.

Coughlin was unhappy about the first team's play in the game against the Colts, continuing a lackluster preseason showing despite their 3-0 record.

The head coach told players that if they don't fix their problems in their next game, against the Jets, that he will consider playing them a lot more than usual in their final warmup game before the season.

Coughlin does not always follow the unwritten rules when it comes to outsiders telling him who to play and when. If he isn't comfortable with certain things, he'll still look to hoe them in the preseason finale vs the Patriots.

The offense obviously still needs a lot of work. Now, with injuries and a short window to get everyone up to speed, I fully expect him to use all the time afforded to him to get things right before the start of the season.

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