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The Giants loss to the Jets is no reason to panic, yet, but on the other hand there's also no reason to garner any confidence from this performance. If they weren't playing the generous Geno Smith and the Jets, they would have blown right out East Rutherford.

The offense struck quickly and then did an Elvis - they left the building. We already knew David Wilson was fast and could run long distances untouched. What became more evident last night was how disjointed the offensive line has become and how valuable WR Victor Cruz and FB Henry Hynoski are to the team.

Tom Coughlin hasn't had this many questions to answer and holes to fill this late in the preseason for quite some time....

What happened tonight was we fought like heck throughout the entire game on defense and on special teams. We really didn’t have anything to help us on the offensive side of the ball. The one thing that’s very disappointing to me is where we are offensively and the fact that we, in all three areas, were obviously not all doing what we need to do in order to give ourselves a chance to win. That’s my main concern. But we played hard.

We had five turnovers, we had one ourselves. Some of the things you see out there are just ridiculous. Bad snap at the end of the game when we’re putting ourselves in field goal position to win. I can’t explain it either. The young man’s trying, he had a bunch of good snaps and all of a sudden he had a bad one.

But there were many opportunities before that. We did have a long run at the beginning of the game. There was no consistency whatsoever. We’ve got work to do on the offensive side of the ball. Whatever is going on, we’ve got to solve it and we’ve got to solve it fast. We don’t have much time. We’ve only got a couple practice days this week and then another game.

But I did compliment them on the way they fought and the way they battled. Even on the last play there, the big play, we had a chance to sack the QB. The one thing that does frustrate the heck out of me is when we’re in position, we hit the QB and we don’t get him down. That happened three times tonight. We had a nice safety, we brought ourselves in the lead, we came back with a 50-yard field goal to make sure they couldn’t beat us by a field goal.

So we did a lot of things of that nature. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.[/sny-box]

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