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Giants' LB Dan Connor addressed he media for the first time since he was detained at the Philadelphia International Airport on July 6th for carrying a knife in his bag.

The knife in question turned out to be a switchblade and it was socked away in a toiletries bag. Connor, who was on his way to a wedding, was charged with possession of an offensive weapon and released on his own recognizance. The incident is being chalked up as a misunderstanding. There has been no further repercussions from the arrest nor is he facing any league sanctions stemming from the incident.

"It was a tough situation, kind of a misunderstanding at the airport," explained Connor.  "I was flying out to a wedding in Pittsburgh, a friend of mine’s wedding, and I had a pocket knife in my bag that I didn’t even know about. I hadn’t seen it in over a year so I was a little shocked when they pulled it out. But it’s something I have to deal with now. I was here all offseason, I was able to lay a foundation, hopefully the coaches got to know that that’s not the kind of guy I am. But, you know, same thing. I’m responsible for it and I have to accept any punishments handed out."

Which may be nothing in the end. His real challenge comes in the form of new teammate and fellow Pennsylvanian Mark Herzlich. Connor is confident he can give Herzlich a run...

"It’s an open job right now. They’ve got the starters out there doing a great job the first day. Those guys worked hard all offseason and they’re doing a great job, they’re smart, young players and productive. But, like any other position, there’s an open job, everyone’s going to compete for it, you find out at the end of training camp, looking back, how you did and if you were good enough to get to the top."

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